Greatwater Lake on the verge of the rest of my life
All Welcome  June 14, 2017, 01:59 AM
Set before Keoni and Nikai arrive at Northstar Vale, at the north part of Greatwater Lake.

During their travels there were moments of rest they needed. Nikai used these moments to rest up in part, but that morning he woke up early and decided to leave Keoni sleeping for a little bit while he took off and explored just a little bit. They were near their destination now and Nikai had found a trail down the mountainside towards great plains. They called to him in a way that made him want to run through them and explore all that was in and beyond them, but he didn't want to leave Keoni alone for too long so he lingered near the mountain's edges while he looked over to the large lake.

Nikai felt his paws itch to jump into the lake for a quick swim after running through the plains, and he glanced over his shoulder at where his sister was, pondering a moment. Then he decided to lose the guilt for just a moment and ran through the dew-covered grass, on his way to the huge lake.