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All Welcome  June 16, 2017, 03:23 PM
Redhawk Caldera
On a sunny and warm summer afternoon Birk found a piece of antler, that bore numerous teeth marks and was so old that it held no nutritional value. From the corner of his eye he spotted a pair of fox kits disappearing in the undergrowth and deduced that this could have been their favorite toy right before he had come along and disturbed them.

"Oh, well... too bad for you," Birk said to the two, picked up the antler and carried it to his quarters, where he lied down, placed it between his paws and began gnawing on it.
June 23, 2017, 07:40 PM
Redhawk Caldera
I feel like it's been forever since we've had a thread! :D

Gannet had been debating the last few days on the pros and cons of heading out on a little venturing trip.  He really, reallly wanted to find Liffey, if he was being honest.  Just to say hi, at least once, and.... I dunno.  See if she was happy? They were friends, yeah?

But he wasn't sure he was ready to be off again quite yet.  There were so many interesting new faces that Gannet still, after all this time, hadn't met.  One of them, in fact, was currently gnawing on an antler as Gannet happened by.

Gannet stared at the toy with interest a moment, clearly impressed with the find, despite its well-used state.  With his characteristic brevity, however, he skipped by it and got to the real question.  "Who're you?"  There wasn't any rudeness to the tone, though it wasn't the politest of introductions either, surely.

Gannet is rather succinct and will sometimes ignore conversation altogether.  Feel free to cut a thread short if you wish!