Big Salmon Lake it seems to me
All Welcome  June 17, 2017, 03:32 PM
Lone Wolves

Wraen, who had never had to look for words at home, who had been the most outgoing and social soul within the ranks, now found it difficult to gather courage and approach any of the nearby packs. She still had not figured out, what to do with her life general and therefore was not sure, if joining and blending into a new group was something she really craved.

Now and then she thought about Terance and where her brother might be - had he crossed the very same lands Wraen was now or were he in an entirely different part of the world. Once, when the longing for his companionship was very strong, she thought she had caught a whiff of his scent in the air - faint, but unmistakeably his. Yet it was gone within seconds, when the winds changed, and his sister was left wondering, whether she had imagined this or there was a very tiny possibility that he was around here somewhere. 

The past few days had been quite exhausting and Wraen decided to stop and rest nearby a lake. She drank some water and then settled down in the warm sand.
June 19, 2017, 03:14 AM
Lone Wolves

He'd stayed by the lake for a bit, because it was a big area that he could oversee. When new wolves'd enter he could see it and choose to either seek companionship or walk away. Eljay still didn't really know what he was doing, but he was growing hungry and that was what drove him towards the lake. He wasn't that good at a lot of hunting, but he was good at fishing, at least, because all it took was patience and a lot of practise. He'd often gone fishing at the Caldera when he was hungry and felt unsure of what to do.

The two year old walked up to the water, focussed on his task, and stepped into the shallows. He walked in up to his stomach and then waited for the fish to gather so that he could get one, completely oblivious to the other wolf that was quite nearby in his focus on his task.
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Lone Wolves

Wraen had closed her eyes and was beginning to doze off, when a movement not too far from her made her alert. It was a young wolf with a gray coat and lovely freckles all over his cheeks. He looked a tad bit older than the girl and otherwise seemed to be a good fellow and not a dangerous one.

"Are you fishing for mermaids there?" Wraen asked after she had got up to his feet and had drawn closer to the man, who was standing in the water and observing it's surface intently. "Or are you looking into the future?"