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for @Maera; sorry this is short and kind of poopy. set after the meeting thread.

        Axolotl draws in a deep breath, letting the salty brine fill his lungs before he lets it out in a heavy exhale. There is something immeasurably comforting. He has seen Atlan’s fury unleashed upon the lands, he has seen the god forego all mercy. He has seen Atlan take lives and he has seen Them give lives back. They are dangerous but it is that danger that calls upon the leviathan. Twice Atlan attempted and nearly succeeded in drowning him but twice the deity showed him mercy. He takes some time to linger, enjoying the sun, enjoying the salty breeze as it caresses through the longer tendrils of his fur. The leviathan does not know if Komodo’s meeting still goes on or how poorly his absence will be taken or whether he has clearly mistaken the earth shaman’s intent. The waves reach out to him, calling to him and Axolotl almost goes to the Sea but knows that he has borders to mark and to feel Them might only extend and amplify his darkening mood. He turns his back to the see and continues forth.
June 18, 2017, 08:53 PM
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not poopy - being vaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaague
sorry mae has serious abandonment issues ;___;

Once she had seen the first other wolf at the impromtu meeting leave, Maera had taken this as a sign, a permission for her to head out as well. She avoided everyone as she weaved her way out of the place, not even sticking around long enough to see if in fact the others had too began to disperse.
She didn't care.
Not truly -or at least not at this very moment.

With her nose close to the floor, though really not searching for anything, Maera moved through the foliage, her ragged breath being the only sound that came out of her as she unknowingly fell prey to coincidence again. As she's passing through, as carelessly as the hurricane, Maera's foot is caught on something and without being able to help it (no really) she falls at the feet of the man who brought her here and had then left her alone.  
She looks up at him, not being able to contain a small smile but wiping it off as she then quickly scrambled back to her paws.

"you didn't show" she noted, skipping over greetings and everything else maybe too brusquely. But, if he had brought her here, to help him aid his wolves, his companions, those others he spoke of, why hadn't he even bothered showing up?
Did he or did he not care? 
June 19, 2017, 04:15 AM
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        The pious leviathan seethes in his mood but Maera — despite her displeasure with him — is like a beacon of light that cuts through the dark of night and black of the sea — she begets a welcoming sight like a lighthouse guiding the way for a weary sailor; and he feels very much like both the travel weary sailor and blackened sea as it churns with impending malice. She stumbles and falls at his paws forcing his steps to cease lest he walk into her and the leviathan’s lips part to speak, his muzzle extending towards her with desire to touch but her accusation — justified and righteous as it is! — cuts to the quick and he recoils slightly. He did not doubt that his absence would be noted and it does not bring about surprise that it was noted moreso by Maera than any other.

        The leviathan is not sure how to go about explaining the complication of his thoughts and his refusal to show at Komodo’s summon as if he is simply another subordinate to be collected. He does not support any claim Komodo might think to hold, not when he, too, has been putting much effort into making the Isle a home. He has recruited the flame given flesh before him, he has braved the sandbar to go to the mainland in search of sustainable food sources beyond coastal delicacies. He hunts and marks borders. He feels a duty towards the wolves that is contiguous with what a leader no doubt feels. It is not something he has ever necessarily desired but it is there and Axolotl refuses to surrender his campaign however small and unwelcome it might be.

        “Perhaps Komodo’s intentions were not so but such a bold summons to him might give cause for the others to see him as our leader. I do not support it as he is not the only candidate we have,” The leviathan tells her. “I have done much for the Isle, as have others. He is not our only option and I would not see my own campaign so easily forfeited by showing up and inevitably supporting him.” Perhaps the leviathan sounds like a petulant child, perhaps there is no competition at all and Komodo has already been elevated to such a position but it is one that Axolotl will welcomingly challenge if none others are, at the very least, considered. In lies the issue with yet having no proclaimed Alpha while attempting to establish themselves. These tensions are only bound to get worse until a leader is officially appointed.

        They need to appoint someone and they need to do it soon. “It was not desire to be parted from you, I promise.” Axolotl attempts to soothe now that he has offered her explanation for his intention absence.
June 22, 2017, 01:28 PM
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Maera noted his intention to reach out to her, but she finds herself (her emotional state) being too capricious to respond adequately so she lets him recoil but not without feeling her heart shiver. She does not what to think, what to say, what to do, so she doesn't say, or do anything. Her thoughts, as much as she'd like to, she cannot stop from rattling her head. She sort of understands the man's need to be out and about marking borders and tending to the caches - because she has kept herself busy doing the latter as well but, she does not understand why he has being doing these things on his own when she offered her help. Didn't he understand such offer was made because Maera wanted to be near him? Did he know but didn't care? And why did Maera care so much?

This worried and overthinking wolfess she saw reflected in Axolotl's eyes wasn't like her. But then again, it could be that it was just a side of herself she had never seen before.
She had never been remotely interested in another wolf, in a stranger, as she was in him - so she couldn't know if it was the novelty of the circumstances or what exactly that had her feeling this way.
All she knew was that she could not go on with this, this back and forth, this itch, this uncertainty,  for much longer for she felt her sanity was at stake.  

He begins to explain himself and for a second Maera wants to cut him off and tell him he doesn't need to say anything. He doesn't owe her an explanation or apology. They owe each other nothing yet Maera wants to give. Give something, anything. She lets him speak, her eyes betraying her and showing a genuine joy and surprise when he voices, or hints, an interest on not letting Komodo take the reign with such ease, and assures her he did not mean to be away.

 "He wanted for everyone to stop being strangers to one another" she informed him, suddenly feeling it was information about the meeting all she had to give for now. "and to assess how many were injured" she added, before letting herself take a small, tentative step towards him.  

"I belive you" she assured, her voice soft as the fire and ire that seemed to burn in her eyes was soothed.
June 23, 2017, 05:06 AM
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        Axolotl is not sure where to even begin detangling and analyzing his (rapidly) growing affections for Maera. The path they lead him down is an inevitable one, admittedly. He understands where it leads and what will come to be from them. Yet, still, it serves to be perplexing to the leviathan whom has never thought it possible that he might find someone he could care for just as much as he does Atlan if given chance to nurture. There is part of Axolotl that does want to look to that potential path but another part of him that does if only because he dislikes being unaware; and in his current knowledge he has known no Atlanian to ever take mate nor have children and as a six month old pup it was not something Axolotl had ever considered to ask his mentors. As he faces Maera, glacial gaze touching upon her hazel own, taking her in in the admiring way he looks at the Sea: full of unrestrained wonder and admiration, Axolotl is filled with many questions he has no answer to.

        All he knows is that she is (was) angry with him and it unsettles him deeply. He desires to reassure her that her presence is very much welcome and desired to him and seeks to smooth the rift. She worries for no reason. She worries, the consideration that she may return his affections causes his breath to catch momentarily in his throat and his ears flutter back to rest at half mast atop his skull as he works to process that possibility. Axolotl turns his thoughts from such things for the moment as Maera breaks her silence and informs him of what had happened at the meeting. “Komodo might take insult to my challenge and campaign for leadership,” Axolotl feels the need to inform her of all the possibilities. “I might find myself unwelcome here if they make him king or offer to lead together is spurned.” The leviathan would have never placed the earthstalker as so obstinate but he had no known the sheepdog to be so feral — hadn’t been aware she’d even had it within her — and he learns quick that change in others in inevitable and that wolves he remembers may not be the wolves he faces now. The Atlanian likes to see all roads and tries to determine what ends they make take so he is better prepared to handle them when they come.

        Thoughts turn from the severity of his plight and their conversation as the leviathan watches as she takes a tentative step towards him and speaks that she believes him — which he cannot help but think if a good, relieving thing because he very much speaks the truth. “Maera —,” He murmurs and cuts himself short because eloquent words evade him; though he is not sure if this moment requires them. Actions speak much louder than words, the leviathan knows. He seeks to close the distance between them with assured step and reaches out with the intent to press his muzzle against her cheek if she allows it.
July 03, 2017, 03:21 PM
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taking a gamble with the info about what went down at the meeting
also eeeeeeeeeek

As soon as those words left her lips, Maera's lips began to tremble.
Maera, who had never truly taken an interest in exploring her spitirituality, couldn't really claim she had any beliefs. Her parents (for the short and sporadic moments that they were around) had never instilled any sort of credo or doctrines on her or her siblings. And because of the almost effervescent state of her parents' presence and lack of consistency in almost of all of the following relationships she managed to build throughout her life, Maera had become skeptical, dubious, and flightly by default.
Yet somehow she believed Axolotl.

 He voices his concern for Komodo's reaction towards his absence, and though Maera now understands the though that led him to refrain from showing to the meeting, she also knows that unless he explains this same thing to the rest, the others as he worries they might, will probably question his desire to lead given his absence. Though Maera has never been one to crave power (given that she has never truly has had a taste of it) she feels somewhat enthralled by Axolotl's wishes, hunger, to lead.
Again, in her chest, a flame seemed to light up: a desire she hadn't even considered to have.
"he did not claim to be king, nor did anyone suggest he should be" she barked, her voice soft as she tried to assure not only that he would not find himself unwelcome as he feared but that he could still make a move.

And he did, though not towards what Maera expected, meaning his persuit for leadership, but towards her. 
His nose reached the soft fur of her cheek and not only does the flame allow him to sink into her but seeks to do so herself as well. With her tail wagging gently behind her, she brings her nose towards the small specks that adorn his cheeks and then tracing a line from there towards the end of his muzzle plants a lick over the leathery surface of his nose. 
July 04, 2017, 05:18 AM
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        “That does not mean that he will not be crowned such. He has already sown the seeds of it by calling the others to him,” Would he have been a few minutes earlier it could have been him making the summoning call but the opportunity had slipped from betwixt his jaws and now he is left with his decision and it’s consequences. There is nothing that says that it was the right decision, nor necessarily the wrong one. Only time would tell what becomes of it. It is all an uncertainty and regardless of what will happen Axolotl is prepared to hold his ground until he is chased from the Isle, if that is what is to become of them. From there …well if that possibility came to pass he would figure it out. One door closes and another one opens, as they say, but he turns thoughts away from it for now, wishing, instead, to focus upon things more pleasant.

        There is a slight swell of (pleasant!) surprise as Maera allows him the touch. Axolotl revels in it, breathing in her scent until she overwhelms all of his senses and the world beyond them melts away. Her own nose touches the ticks upon his cheek — the very marks that gave him his name — and traces a tantalizing line that causes a shiver to ripple down his spine to the end of his muzzle, setting his nerves ablaze. “I must confess I’ve never felt like this for anyone before,” Though incredibly genuine the words are almost sheepish as they spill from betwixt his lips and he realizes that he is slightly embarrassed — not of his feelings, of course; but because he has little to no experience in the matters of the heart as to which he has more or less just admitted.

        And while it is true that Axolotl loves Atlan it is not nearly the same kind of love as his the way he could (would?) love Maera. Atlan cannot feel love and thus cannot return it. The love one could have for a woman was not nearly the same as the love one could have for a deity. His feelings for Maera might have came in with a sudden and white hot abruptness but he does not foresee them going anywhere and should he be allowed to nurture them into their full potential and thinks that it has the potential to be the kind of love that wars were raged over, like Paris, Helen and the Trojan War that resulted because of the prince of Troy's love for her.
July 06, 2017, 02:10 PM
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He spoke the truth and Maera knew it, the very desire of bringing everyone together for a meeting hinted about Komodo's unspoken intentions. Though no one had said it, she could not assure Axolotl that no one had thought of it. Some of the wolves, a pale female particularly, (Aria) seemed very comfortable at the golden eyed male's side. So with a low, thoughtful hum, and a lash of her tail Maera tries to think of something to outdo the shaman's idea to bring everyone together. "You must do something" she breathes, the wheels in her head still spinnign and crafting what that something could be.

Then, lost in the sudden display of affection she gives him, all thoughts about the meeting, Komodo, and every other wolf in the isle seem to disappear. The world beneath her feet and under her nose had been reduced to Axolotl alone. At least for the seemingly eternal seconds that their embrace seemed to last. Then, the ground began to feel solid again, and while Maera tried to calm her racing hearbeat by breathing through her parted lips, she almost missed the atlanian's confession. In a soundless movement, the flame pulls back a little, though she still remains at kiss-or-kill distance, and locks her eyes with his.

Felt like how? she wanted to ask, but somehow she knew what he had to be referring to.
The warmth, the euphoria, the shivers that climbed up their vertebrae, the almost bestial craving for proximity. 
That was it right? 
"i never thought one could feel like... this... for anyone" she whispered, her nose seeking to touch his cheek once again. She did not know what this was supposed to be interpreted as but she knew it was rare, special.
Yes, this was special. 
July 07, 2017, 04:57 PM
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        Maera implores that he must do something, presumably about Komodo but Axolotl knows he is not Atlan and does not possess half of the power of the great sea. Preferably, the Atlantian does not wish to spill blood; he is a warrior but to protect not to instigate. “I can offer an olive branch, a solution that we lead together and share the throne,” Axolotl does not realize that it is not just Komodo and he in this game of thrones but that there are others as well. Perhaps his inattention and decision to go to the meeting simply affirms that he is not leadership material: for should a leader not know all of his competition? All of the discontent and concerns of loyal subjects? He thinks there is time for that but as this is all new to him, this desire and the entire concept after being so removed from constraints of hierarchy as “Atlantans” have always stood alone, powerful but outside of the formal rankings, but he feels the sense of duty, as he has since the very beginning when he led the washed up wolves to the safety of shelter he found before the storm had hit. Regardless, he (perhaps they [as in him and her]) would figure it out.

        Everything came all at once: like the rush of high tide. Yet, unlike high tide his feelings (as strange and beautiful and sudden as they are!) have not receded. Instead, they reach higher and higher, greedy and grasping for the heart that beats within his chest with intent to drown it. And oh! How he wants to drown in her, to let his (perhaps confusion but wonderful) feelings blossom into what they crave to be. In what they were meant to be. Atlan had brought them together, surely, and thus it is surely fate. They say that the sea always loved the moon but Axolotl has begun to disagree: he believes that the sea was always destined to love the sun. The leviathan let out a tremble of ragged breath when Maera touches his cheek again and he revels in the cool touch of her nose where it presses against ticked fur that mark him as what he is: leviathan. Axolotl. Beast monster of the sea. “What should we do with it ...these feelings?” He inquires of her in softened voice, seeking her opinion. He knows what he wants to do with it but does not strive to push too far, too fast.
July 09, 2017, 06:43 PM
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damn mae is bold when she wants something

For the moment Maera's worries about the meeting and Komodo were soothed by Axolotl's quick response. Though she is not sure how the other man would take to the offer and forgetting (stupidly!) that after Ixchel's intervention (which she would also forget to mention) another wolf had voiced an interest in leading, Maera let the subject die.
For there were far more urgent things rattling her mind at the moment.

Most of them in the shape of questions.
what does these feelings mean?
what am i even feeling?
why can't i stop looking into your eyes - am i staring?
why do i wanna i jump on you?
can i?

He seemed to relish in her touch and she, not wanting to pull away yet, kept her nose pressed against him until he spoke. Then, feeling the fur on her back stand on end as a shiver ran down her spine, the flame recoiled once again, half of her dreading to end the contact between his cheek and her nose but the other half wanting, needing, to look at him in the eyes.

 What was there to do?
As Maera saw it, there were only two options now.
They could ignore the feelings (which was CRAZY) or they could ignore whatever it was that was keeping them from being consumed by said feelings. Breathing seemed suddenly hard and Maera, not knowing what to answer or what to do, blinked at him silently.
Then, unknowingly but desicively making her choice between the two options, she reached for him, her nose meeting his before she dove into the fur of his neck and melted into an embrace.
July 10, 2017, 05:17 AM
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        Axolotl is consumed like flame to gasoline, with no hope of ever being anything but. His draw to her is inexplicable but like the gravity in which holds the moon in the earth’s orbit. He could not fight it even if he wanted to (and he decidedly does not want to fight it). Maera gives no verbal answer, instead touching her nose to his though that touch is brief before she dives for the fur at his, melting into him. In that embrace he thinks of many things. That he might like to see her grow round with his children and following that vein whom those children might take after: him or her? Or some mixture of both? Or of a relative? A sibling or a parent or a grandparent long forgotten? The leviathan rumbles his approval and presses his nose to the fur along the nape of her neck, following the line of her spine until he reaches the junction between her shoulders where his teeth boldly graze through the tendrils of her fur and afterword, tongue quickly seeks to smooth the muss of fur.
July 13, 2017, 04:12 PM
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He does not speak, but no words are needed.
Maera too has fallen prey to silence, that and something else.
Something she doesn't have a name for or explanation for, but like the treasures she so passionately and desperately searches for, she wants to find, and wants to keep. She continues to breathe into his neck as he continues to move, tracing the nape of her neck and causing more of her fur to stand on end. A purr-like hum escapes her as he keeps advancing towards her shoulders.

As he nibbles gently at her fur and then smooths over the ruffled strands of it that he left behind, Maera's eyes close and her tail, a trembling plume, begins to swish wildly. Never in her life has she been filled with so many emotions. Positve emotions. 

Suddenly, the Sveijarn pulls away, her hazel eyes seeking his directly. For a second, given that she has never ever been in a situation even slightly similar, she doesn't know what to do but quickly instinct takes over and the Sveijarn decides what she wants. Maera, being the fire that she is, wants to consume him.
Or be consumed by him.

A soft whine slips from her lips and again she reaches for him, her nose finding quickly his muzzle and her tongue shyly but decisively peeking to plant gentle kisses on his nose and chin before instinct takes reign again and she dares to give his lips a risqué nip.
July 15, 2017, 05:18 AM
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        Maera pulls away from him suddenly leaving Axolotl in a suspended moment of surprise turned confusion in the lingering seconds between her pulling away from him even as her hazel eyes seek his directly. He could stare in her eyes all day trying to decide if they were more brown or if they were more green. She does not give him the chance to drown in them, however, as she draws near once more and plants kisses to his nose and chin. He tries to sneak in his own quick not wanting to be just the recipient of affectionate gestures. The risqué nip she places upon his lips and the fire it ignites within his body is different but cut from a similar vein as the flames of affection he feels for Maera. “I want you, Maera.” Axolotl has never been a shy beast, and the Leviathan has always thought it best to lay everything upon the table as he saw it. Atlan is brash and forthcoming and Their Atlantian is no different. “I want you now and I want you forever.” He speak between the kisses her adorns her jaw and her cheek, and when he reaches the cusp of her ear he seeks to offer it’s velvety tip a soft nibble.
July 20, 2017, 02:35 PM
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sorry ive taken forever

Finally the silent spell that engulfs them is broken, and though the words he utters first are clear and concise, what they profess is so unexpected that the flame, thinking she is caught in a surreal trance, figuratively shakes her head thinking that she might have misheard him. She could've easily hummed and cocked her head to the side as to encourage Axolotl to repeat himself, but the fear that he had not actually said what she'd heard kept her quiet. Only a soft, delighted whine escapes her lips when Axolotl continues to plant kisses along her cheeks.

And then, he spoke again.
An echo of what he had previously said and something else that makes the fur on the nape of her neck stand on end.
Forever was a long time. And forever wasn't for everyone. Was he sure? She wanted to know of course, but she could never and would never ask. Again, preferring to cling to uncertainty instead of facing her fear of truth. She opened her mouth, but no sound came out. Her heart thumped wildly inside her chest and true to her appereance, she felt her whole body aflame.

"forever" she dared to repeat and though lacking the interrogative tone at the end, she hoped he would take this cue to correct or confirm.