Silvertip Mountain Every Tale Has An End
Read Only  June 18, 2017, 07:55 PM
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The grey wolf stood by the roots of the mountain. Where it all started. He was growing old, and he knew that soon it would come. Time would catch up to him, overtake him. That was why he had come here, just to have one last look at it all. 

Chaska reflected on everything. The good, the bad. His friends of Silvertip, or Easthollow. His one friend of Ryujin, who he believed to be gone. And yet, Chaska kept a smile on. A tight lipped grin, one that hid the regret and the sadness. 

"I tried, Fitz" Chaska murmured to himself. The promise he had made when first coming to this mountain. He had tried so very hard. For a moment, he thought about going back, to see if they would accept him once more. But he knew that even if they did, he did not have long left. He would not go back to say his goodbyes, he had already done so. In this moment, looking up once more at the mountain, Chaska murmured some more words, "I guess my story comes to an end...I'll see you up there." With that, he turned away from the mountain and headed in a single line. This story-teller's tale was at an end.