Hoshor Plains en tu propio eje, y sin camiseta, te gusta dar vueltas como los planetas
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Remi was a lover of the simple stuff. 
Of the way that clouds ebbed across the sky and merged together to form figures that mimmicked what was on earth and what could only reside in the imagination of those who dared to dream while being awake. Leaving the mountain behind for now, Remi broke into a trot that quickly turned into a gallop.
Feeling the wind against his face was another of life's small pleasures Remi could simply not live without.

After a couple of minutes, with his tongue already hanging limply from his mouth, Remi halted to a sudden stop. He looked around as if he was looking for something. Something that, judging by the smile that drew itself across his face, he sopn found.
The place was perfect.

Without even seeming to hesitate, Remi let himself fall to the ground, then, he flipped over so that his paws were reaching the clouds instead of feeling the ground. 
Above him a seashell shaped cloud danced around.
June 26, 2017, 10:15 PM
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it was with great reluctance that the Goddess descended from her canyon in the mountain, but it was her duty, she soon scried, to bring Ra's light to the heathen land through fire and blood. and so she would do. she would purge the land of the scuttling darkness and shadows of Set.

sekhmet was quickly enveloped by the golden sands of the foreign plains, feeling another sense of her father's blessing around her. she was briefly content, the scowl that so often adorned her face disappeared, and she allowed a small, half noticable smile to appear.

it was brief as lightning, for the moment she saw the boy laying in the ground did she regain her composure, snapping her jaws audibly to announce her presence and unwavering movement.
June 28, 2017, 10:16 AM
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hi :3 thanks for joining!

With his front legs stretching in front of him as if to grasp something above him Remi watched the seashell-shaped cloud ebb across the sky slowly, with no hurry, with no worries. Remi sighed loudly, as the image of the floating seashell woke a dusty and almost forgotten memory from the depths of the Ostrega's mind. In the image that began playing in his head, he was alone in the place that his life had fallen apart.
The place of the accident.

However, the scene that played next was set before it had occured.
It was the first time he had been there, when he had discovered the rocks that with the crash of the waves looked like small pedestals covered in foam. For some reason he had found this amusing, and, all alone, had ventured towards them and managed to climb up one when the tide wasn't high. Perched atop of the rock the first thing that had come to mind was 'wait until i bring tango, karma, dharma and rilke out here!'.

That was before something else caught his attention, in the water surrounding him, crystal clear as his eyes, there was something pink that hypnothized him inmediately. After a short minute of planning, Remi had dived into the water, his gaping mouth reaching for the object that had lured him into the water.

a seashell. 

The one that had started Rilke's prized collection. 

Suddenly, a sound brought him from the depths of his own thoughts.
The cloud had morphed into something else, a shapeless blob, and before him, a pretty she-wolf with eyes the color of the sun stood in silent vigil.

"hey" he greeted her ,rolling on his back to lay his stomach once more flat against the ground.