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Blackfeather Woods
         A nomad for months. This life she had chosen proved to be a challenge. With no pack, basic tasks such as hunting had grown harder. No longer could she live off of big game. Yew was forced to accept the diet of smaller prey and scraps that had been left behind.   
rough way of life had taken a toll on her appearance as well. At first glance, one can easily tell she was in need of more nutrients. She defiantly didn't appear to be pampered either, fur unkept and certainly not the cleanest wolf you'll run across. 
        Yes, this life wasn't glamorous, but still the loner pushed on. She'd choose this life over her previous one any time. And surely one of these days her luck would turn.
        Yew trotted onwards with meaning. Her nose guided her towards the familiar smell of water, eager to catch a fish or two.
        Now the loner never really fancied aquatic meals. Food from the land was much more preferable and she wasn't extremely skilled at fishing either. However with a lake nearby, only a fool would pass up this opportunity.
        Cautiously, Yew slithered towards the body of water. Icy blue eyes scanned her surroundings for any sort of life, whether it prey or another wolf. She'd much rather be alone than be in the presence of a useless stranger. Several moments had passed before Yew decided the coast was clear and she moved closer to the water's edge.
June 28, 2017, 01:21 AM
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Though she had been on her own for no more than a few weeks, that life had clearly taken its toll upon Shandra's appearance as well. Looking at her, it was plain to see that she could have been a very beautiful wolf, with her bright blue eyes and pale, cinnamon dusted fur. However, those weeks of eating scraps and small game had thinned her out significantly, her ribs and hipbones carved into her flesh and fur. The eyes, already holding little expression {unless she was angry } were further dulled due to malnutrition. 

The nostrils of Shandra's wet, pink nose twitched as she smelled water. She was hungry but had not been able to eat, and she wondered if filling her belly with water would ease the hunger pangs for a little while. Just before breaking through the forest, she scanned the lakeshore for other living creatures, and there on the bank was another female. Shandra stepped from the shadows and approached cautiously, lowering her posture to ensure that the coal-furred woman knew she was not a threat. Then, Shandra softly chuffed, announcing her presence.

June 28, 2017, 03:01 PM
Blackfeather Woods
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        Yew settled down near the water and crouched as a small huff escaped her lips. She studied the water carefully, noting every ripple, every movement, every sound.
        It was quite a peaceful activity and for a few moments the female felt at ease. Nothing else mattered, all stress lifted from the nomad's shoulders. Yew let the sweet sounds of the lake kissing the earth envelope her. Yes, this was a rather nice feeling.
        However, her state of calm ended as soon as it began when another wolf approached her. The stranger's chuff had sent a rush of adrenaline down her spine and she jolted upwards. The female took a moment to silenlty curse herself for slipping out of reality. Yew quickly collected herself and faced her company. 
        The darker female hadn't spoken at first, taking her time to study the stranger before her. A woman dusted in crimson with a striking blue gaze that could match her own. Like Yew, the life of a loner didn't seem to have a good effect on her either, fur clutching her ribs as well.
        "Hello," she greeted with a reluctant nod. The words that fell from her lips felt unfamiliar. It had been months since she had last spoken to another wolf. 
        The nomad turned back towards the water, keeping the female in the corner of her eye. Though she appeared not to be a threat, Yew still kept her guard. She was not one to trust strangers so easily.
        "What brings you around these parts?" she spoke in a cool tone, "Fishing I assume?"
June 29, 2017, 01:41 AM
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Of course! ♡

Shandra  did not apologize  for  startling the two-toned woman,but instead took a few seconds to assess her now that she had come closer. The other appeared even more worse for wear than she was herself, although her eyes, a striking shade of blue, were still lovely. 

the other did not seem overly pleased to have company  -- nor was she rude. She returned the greeting, and when Shandra  was asked about fishing ,  the girl smirked and shook her narrow head. 

"No, " she answered. "I need a drink of water. I could not catch a fish to save my life." She realized how literal this statement was, and the smirk  remained. Her head canted to one side. "Could you?" If the stranger was an angler of at least some skill, Shandra wondered if perhaps she might benefit from this encounter. 

June 29, 2017, 03:21 PM
Blackfeather Woods
        Yew flicked her tail in annoyance at the woman's words. If this stranger could not fish, than what use could she make of herself?
        Could you?
        Yew pondered it for a moment. She suspected this could evolve into a meaningless conversation or the next sentence would go along the lines of 'perhaps you can fish for the both of us?' which bought a scowl to her face. She definitely wasn't willing to show kindness without a prize in return.
        A prize. Yes, that sounded very pleasing indeed. The thought caused a somewhat wicked grin to spread across her face and just like that Yew was suddenly hoping for the stranger to ask her to fish.
        Yew faced the stranger, the smirk still plastered on her face.
        "I could," she rumbled. Again she wasn't the best at fishing, but she could catch at least one or two and that was all that mattered.

June 30, 2017, 06:54 AM
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Shandra was wary of the smirk blooming upon the woman's face. Obviously, she had a plan, one that she was not going to share. Narrowing her eyes and tilting her head, the cinnamon  sprinkled wraith wondered what was in store. 

She got to her feet. "I'll  keep watch." It was a simple task and a basic one -- no wolf in her right mind would leave herself ungaurded, yet Shandra was very aware that looking out for the both of them while Yew fished was not only payment she would relinquish for a free meal. But she was hungry enough to wait and see how events unfolded
July 02, 2017, 07:23 PM
Blackfeather Woods
        The woman's eyes glinted with satisfaction and a low chuckle slipped from her maw.
        "Very well," she murmured, already slithering into the water like a snake.
        Yet again, her hard blue gaze settled onto the water. Almost all concentration went into hunting and her ears listened out for the pale stranger.
        Yew didn't know what to make of this wolf. Perhaps this was a dumb idea and her company would steal the prey. The mere thought sparked a fire in her soul. But no matter, even if it was the woman's intention, Yew would make sure to tear her apart.
        The dark female had caught movement in the water and she stood perfectly still. In an instant, she dove her head into the water, some washing up into her nose.
        Eyes blazed as her fangs sunk into the unfortunate fish and her mouth filled with the sweet taste of fresh blood.
        Yew lifted her head. The prey flew wildly in her jaws but it had no match against the con artist's strength and its life slowly drained.
        Thinking fast, the female flung the fish to the earth and dived in to catch another before it swam away. Only this time teeth were only able to grip onto the base of its tail.
        Determined not loose her kill, Yew quickly moved her jaws towards the center and repeated the process.
        Yew lifted her head, prey still in her grasp, watching as whatever fish were left swam away in a mad panic. She wouldn't be able to catch more, what a pity.
        The darker woman moved out of the lake and shook some water that clung to her fur. "Enjoy," she purred with pride, setting her kill close to her feet.
        Yew didn't rush to eat, but instead watched the stranger carefully, wondering what her next move would be.
        At the same time her mind raced with sinister stunts she can pull on this wolf. Yew could be nice and share her food with the wolf whom she knew nothing about or she could attack when least expected. A crooked grin spread from cheek to cheek at the thought. It wouldn't hurt to take back the prey she had caught herself and she never verbally promised the woman a free meal.
jeezus yew ;-;
July 04, 2017, 10:10 PM
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        Shandra turned tail and stood facing the forest, her eyes opposite the darker female. Every so often, an ear flicked backward and she barely looked over her shoulder to assess progress with the fish. Eventually the stranger had caught two of them, one, Shandra assumed, for each. The girl abandoned her post for the fish, one of which had been placed nicely at her paws.

        Shanny looked back with wary blue eyes, curious and frghtened by what might be going on in the other's mind. It was only now that she realized that this could be very bad. Her gut had been screaming at her to abort this mission, all whilst it also begged for food. This paradox had Shandra at a loss. Eventually she realized that she was in this situation too deeply, whether she liked it or not. She had once been thrilled to see how this would end, without realizing that her very life could be in danger.

        Ears lowered back with suspicion, the paler she-wolf lowered her snout to the fish before her. Her eyes lifted to look up at the fisherwoman.

July 05, 2017, 01:15 PM
Blackfeather Woods
        She watched the pale female eat with caution. Both eyes met, Yew's cold and lifeless for a moment. It was quite wicked really. Icy, dead eyes showing little to no expression while her toothy grin screamed danger. It suited her well.
        And quickly her face had changed from cruel to warm. She forced a friendly smile and she faked a warm gaze. It was only to keep the stranger's mind at ease. Let her guard down.
        Time went on. What was a few seconds felt like hours of a tense showdown. And right then, Yew felt it was perfect to blindsight the women.
        In a flash, the darker female dove down, teeth glinting in the sunlight. She aimed for any part of her exposed face. The only thing in her mind was to chase her company away.

July 06, 2017, 01:59 AM
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Shandra glanced upward just in time to see the wicked  grin disappear from the woman's face, and she was able to watch it morph into  a warm, serene gaze. The sudden change of expression lingered in her mind  as she returned to chewing down  little bits of bone  and flesh. If she were in danger, then why was the unnamed wolf allowing her to eat in the first place? But much as she tried to convince herself otherwise, things still did  not seem right.

once more, Shandra swallowed and look up. A flash of movement  and glinting  teeth served as warning enough to dart away, pushing herself off with her small front paws. She was now in alert, but she was not ready to abandon the fish, its  unique flavor still in her tongue such that was almost  drooling. 

her ears lowered as her face contorted into a snarling grimace, she once again propelled herself, this time toward the manacing  stranger. She snapped for any bit of flesh came in the way of her jaws should the return attack succeed.
July 06, 2017, 03:03 PM
Blackfeather Woods
        Instead of blood she so desired, all she had grabbed hold of was a mouth full of air. Her opponent had been faster, quickly dodging the incoming attack. Slippery little thing, Yew thought with a snarl. Looks like she wouldn't be able to do this the easy way.
        As Yew spun around, the woman was already coming at her. Luckily the dark wolf was able to copy the swiftness of her opponent and a rush of air flew past her as she jumped out of the way.
        No time had to be wasted. In an instant, Yew leaped forward, aiming for the girl's side.