Greatwater Lake me, myself, and i
All Welcome  June 19, 2017, 02:22 PM
Lone Wolves

         A nomad for months. This life she had chosen proved to be a challenge. With no pack, basic tasks such as hunting had grown harder. No longer could she live off of big game. Yew was forced to accept the diet of smaller prey and scraps that had been left behind.   
rough way of life had taken a toll on her appearance as well. At first glance, one can easily tell she was in need of more nutrients. She defiantly didn't appear to be pampered either, fur unkept and certainly not the cleanest wolf you'll run across. 
        Yes, this life wasn't glamorous, but still the loner pushed on. She'd choose this life over her previous one any time. And surely one of these days her luck would turn.
        Yew trotted onwards with meaning. Her nose guided her towards the familiar smell of water, eager to catch a fish or two.
        Now the loner never really fancied aquatic meals. Food from the land was much more preferable and she wasn't extremely skilled at fishing either. However with a lake nearby, only a fool would pass up this opportunity.
        Cautiously, Yew slithered towards the body of water. Icy blue eyes scanned her surroundings for any sort of life, whether it prey or another wolf. She'd much rather be alone than be in the presence of a useless stranger. Several moments had passed before Yew decided the coast was clear and she moved closer to the water's edge.

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