Beautiful Creatures
July 21, 2017, 01:13 PM
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[center]Beautiful Creatures is a newly revived 50-word post minimum roleplay that's based on multiple species that roam the lands of Patria, the Motherlands. Four Dynasty Clans control and fight for power among Patria, vying for the Gods blessing's - or at least some of them say they do. The Arkouda Dynasty are the lumbering giants of the North, the Bears who know the cruelties of Life and Death. The Eleos Dynasty are the graceful beauty's of the South, the herbivores who show mercy to all - even to their rivals. The Fengari Dynasty are the trickster's from the West, Canidae who worship the Moon. And finally there is the Skotadi Dynasty the stalkers of the East, the Felidae who stalk the vast jungles they prey upon in a shroud of darkness. Each Dynasty play's it's part in this war for supreme control, each wanting their Gods blessing, and each ultimately wanting to become a God themselves. Which Dynasty will you choose? Which path shall you take? And ultimately will you live or die like so many have before you? Join now if you wish to find out![/center]