Ocean's Breath Plateau A Million Dancing Shards
All Welcome  August 12, 2017, 03:19 PM
The moon was roughly three-quarters full, lighting up the Sequoia coast in an iridescent blue light. Clock had been eager to check out the Ocean's Breath Plateau at night since accepting @Tytonidae 's offer to pledge for the newly forming pack, Bhediyon. If this was going to be his new home, he wanted to see it from all perspectives. He was not disappointed... in fact, he was rendered speechless as he stood on a rock that was positioned at the top of a grassy rise. Before him, the great ocean shared space with a sky lit up with more stars than Clock could ever remember seeing. The moon, high in the sky at this late hour, was reflected in a million dancing shards on the black ocean surface. Clock was mesmerized, having never seen the ocean up until a few days ago. If he turned ninety degrees to his right, he could see the Silvertip Mountain way off in the distance, the glacier below it lit up magnificently. In some ways, it seemed, moonlight like this could be brighter than the sun. Immediately behind him, Clock could see Moonspear (which he knew to be Charon's packs' territory, having met Charon shortly after his arrival to the Teekon Wilds) and the Barrier Mountains.

As he stood upon the rock with the cool breeze from the ocean ruffling his sleek summer coat gazing upon this wonder, he felt as infinite as the sky. Of course, in the calmness of the night he could not help but feel the twinges of loss from being separated from his natal family, but for the first time he felt calm rather than scared or sad. There was so much to look forward to! He still could not believe his luck in finding a potential pack so quickly and he hoped he would be useful to the group. He thought himself a fairly good hunter but wondered, for the first time, what other skills he might have to offer. Pondering silently, he gazed off at the ocean.