August 2017 Roundup
September 06, 2017, 07:39 AM
Redhawk Caldera
NEW! Monthly roundup
In an effort to keep y'all informed, we're going to start doing a monthly roundup of some boardwide stuff going on at Wolf. If you have anything that should be added to this lil' roundup for next month, please let us know! (It's a bit late this month, but we hope to post this on the first of each month going forward.)

Sun Sneeze
Following the solar eclipse, many wolves came away with inexplicable sneezing, which resulted in a loss of smell. Will it be temporary? Permanent?

State of the packs
We currently have five in-progress packs that have the green light: Serenity Falls, Bhediyon, Bearclaw Valley, and Ravensblood Forest. Tindómë was founded on the 18th. A few of our packs look like they could use a few new members. Are you in the market for one of these upcoming or current packs? Why not take the initiative and create a joining thread?

Slack Discord
We've officially made the move from Slack to Discord. Slack was disassembled one month after we made the move on August 22. RIP in peace, ol' Slackbot.

Two half-brothers meet.
Is there a bubbling romance just around the corner? Devilish acts that may have gone unnoticed? A friendship too cute? With all the great writers and storylines happening on Wolf, it's hard to keep up! Send in your juiciest gossip (or post in the gossip thread), and we'll be sure to include it in next month's roundup.

Trivia question
Submitted by Hydra: How fast can wolves run?
If you know the answer, send a message to all of the CMs. First person to guess the correct answer will get a shoutout. If you have a trivia question or joke, please submit it for future roundups!

— Unnatural eye colors are now acceptable, and our guidebook has been updated to reflect this.
— Starting September 1st, no litters can be conceived until the new breeding season (January–April).
— A new "Pledged" group has been created to differentiate Lone Wolves from those who are part of green-lit forming packs. To join this group, please navigate to manage groups.
— The progress bar & swatch MyCodes were added. See the complete MyCode reference for more details.
— MOTM and COTM were changed to quarterly, along with ACMs (beginning in October).
— Approved accounts may now change their own username.
— Wildfire was captured by Blackfeather Woods.
— Domi lost her eyesight and sense of smell.
— Nightjar burnt his eyes during the eclipse.

Steph , Erza , Clary
— Ezekiel & Valette, 08/23

Know any toons that died? PM the CMs!

Mateship announcements
Want to announce your new beau to the world? PM the CMs!

Big thanks to Finley who served as our ACM, and welcome Stockholm for September! Starting in October, our ACMs will be quarterly.

Fortune cookie
"A stranger, is a friend you have not spoken to yet."

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