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the snowy she-wolf follows the creek south.  Her path is still aimless, her pace plodding and dejected,  but one thing she knows for certain is that she must remain near water, at least until the first snows begin to fall.  After dining upon  raccoon at the warm springs,  she has more energy than she has had in days. Nevertheless,  she doesn't push herself too hard. She doesn't know when she will eat again and conserving what little fat still clings to her bones is of utmost importance. 

another argument for following the stream is that she will have a better chance of running into smaller prey who also come to the water to drink. She is able to kill a mangy gopher along her southward path.  Perhaps her spirits should be brighter,  but the skinny woman remains in a sullen, bitter mood,  thinking only of her dead sister and unable to distract herself from neither her grief nor from the reality of her own dire circumstances. Soon,  the creek begins to branch off into smaller tributaties as the trees yawn open,  revealing a lake.  The dusky water and the sound of rippling waves wrench her heart,  reminding her of her home. Still,  Spencer approaches the shore,  hearing the harsh braying of geese and wondering if she has any chance of making another kill. 

October 12, 2017, 03:44 AM
Lone Wolves

The Woods were tainted these days and he preferred spending as much time as he could away from them. Often he stayed, for duty bound him — duty to Damien, duty to Relmyna, even to his pregnant sister; the lives Sheogorath had wrecked — but other times he needed to get out. He longed back to simpler times when Burke had been in charge and when he had followed different paths. When he was often away from the pack on his journeys. Now he saw no more of the outside world than the paths that etched the Woods' frays and the territories that directly surrounded those paths.

He stretched his paws as he trotted towards the lake, feeling free for the first time in a long time, if only for a little bit. Ragged ears perked forward as he watched another wolf approach the lakeside opposite of him, not far away, and for now he continued making his way to the lake; once he reached it, he craned his neck to drink from the cool water.