October 2017 Roundup
November 03, 2017, 12:51 PM
Redhawk Caldera
A much more sparse roundup, because Rem decided the other format took too much effort. This also includes a few things from September.

Game news
— OTMs have been reworked and are now OTQ (of the quarter). Crazy writers of the week/month will remain the same.
— PMs and CMs discussed and decided against lengthening the activity requirement.
— PMs and CMs brainstormed Halloween activity ideas.
Our advertisement was updated to reflect the site's age (4+ years).
— We now have an updated listing over at RPG-D.
— Several members are participating in NaWoWriMo/NaNoWriMo.
— We added an online clubs & communities listing, pinned in the Community Center.

Packs in formation: Bhediyon, Bearclaw Valley, and Ravensblood Forest

— Autumn skins were added to replace summer skins.
— There's now a public development board that anybody can view.
— The Mentor specialty has been changed to Coach, and the Spy specialty was changed to Rogue.
— Fixed Drageda's pack image.
— Migrated all pack images to S3 account for more reliable hosting.

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