Blacktail Deer Plateau in the town where I was born
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Leader II
         Stretched out by the crayfish pond, Dawn nosed the surface tentatively. It had frozen over, barely, the edged white with frost. The ice was beautiful; creating sharp angles and cobweb-like shapes over the dark water. Applying just the slightest more pressure, the fragile surface cracked beneath her south, frigid water lapping against her muzzle. Licking her lips, she drank carefully, brow furrowing at the sting of the ice-water, huffing out through her nostrils in disdain.

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December 07, 2017, 12:52 AM
Den Mother

Catori had woken up stiff and a touch uncomfortable. It wasn't much she felt, probably just a bit of the anxiety and stress finally breaking and leaving her in a bit more of a physical response than she'd wanted. With the scouting party back and so far no other signs of hide nor hair of any rampaging loners she'd felt she could relax a touch more and enjoy her time as a newlywed. Catori had kissed Gray's cheek before she'd left her spot being curled around him and chose to sneak out while he was still dozing. Though she didn't expect to hear him complain much still she could only imagine the pain he must still  be feeling. Grayday still put on one hell of a brave face - but that didn't mean she wasn't going to talk to his eldest like she had offered too. She'd just probably discuss more than Gray had anticipated. 

Thankfully she'd found a fresh trail of Dawn's and sought the other hunter out, offering a little chuff as she found her near Easy's favorite mud bug spot. "Hey Dawn," She called out with a gentle smile, looking the girl over. Girl seemed so arbitrary, but then, it was almost a touch conspiratory - they were a part of a club all their own and none of the men would ever boast to understand. "How did the scouting trip go?" She asked, hoping to hear Dawn's side of things before they hashed out some of the plans and concerns that Catori had about the coming weeks and where that would take their family as a whole. 

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