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Stark had spent his time still as he'd always done - marking borders, checking caches, hunting Banner down to harass every so often. It was good however to have the time to really relax and get comfortable and while he hadn't met too many members of the pack he was relatively okay with it. He'd heard something about some being out traveling, and then there was still the whole deal of whoever had fathered Val's kids. He hadn't met him yet, but, Stark had heard some off handed things about the male. 

Stark stretched, shaking his coat out before he headed towards Valette's den. He was hoping he might catch her without any of the kids lurking around - not by any means that he disliked children, quite the opposite, but, he'd felt there was still a lot more unsaid that didn't seem appropriate to speak about in front of Steph. If @Valette was around and free then maybe he'd manage to discuss other things with her, otherwise, maybe they could go hunt or do something. He just felt like stretching his legs a bit and maybe he could even get her to goof off for a bit too. 

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December 08, 2017, 04:44 AM
Valette was tidying her den because with three pups things would get rather messy. Luckily she didn't have to clean out the den too often anymore as the children now knew where Valette preferred that they do their business. The mother picked out the bad spots in the bedding and tossed them out. She had already gathered new bedding, though it was still slightly frozen. She knew it would thaw soon enough once it was underground.

Valette then heard someone approach. She got out of her den. Some moss hanging from her ear and some plucks of not her own fur color hanging from her. Valette's eye fell on Stark, they widened briefly. "Stark!," she let out in surprise and quickly shook out her coat. The pieces of soft material falling off her. She looked a bit flustered but smiled at him nevertheless. "What brings you here?"