Dragoncrest Cliffs What to do. What to learn
December 31, 2017, 06:11 PM
In the time that Seri had been there she thought she had done a pretty good job. She had meet afew of the members of the pack individually and had begun friendships with some of them. A few had even opened up to her about their feelings and even though she didn't know them too much about them she offered what advise she could and things seemed to be going well. Still pretty young she wouldn't consider herself to be wise. But sometimes not knowing back story was better for advise giving. Without a back story she couldn't have that much bias and think of both parties as either being in the right or wrong without influence. 

She wasn't sure where she stood in the pack yet, but she knew that she would need a trade before being considered a true member of this pack. She had hunting experience and enjoyed exploring, but ever since comming here she was really interested in the packs history. Mostly because she didn't know all of it yet. But she also liked to think about how she helped Blixen with her Furi problem. The two seemed to be doing alot better now. She wasn't sure if it was really her doing but she liked to think that it was. 

As she thought about these things she overlooked the cliffs to the water below.
January 14, 2018, 03:21 PM
Prince had taken to roaming along the borders and the cliffs overlooking the beach and water below-- it was a comforting solitude, though he did secretly long for more friends within Drageda. It didn't seem likely that he would make many with so much of the pack gone, though, so he kept to himself for now. In a way, he relished the time to brood alone without fear of judgment.
He wasn't disappointed when he came upon another who smelled of his own near the cliffs, though. The boy approached slowly, chuffing at a distance so that he wouldn't startle her. The last thing he wanted was to scare a packmate off the side of a cliff.