Raven's Watch Fiery evening
Read Only  January 02, 2018, 09:47 AM
Lone Wolves

The evening was just around the corner. The crimson colors began to overspread the sky, gradually making the valley resplendent. With the sun casting its light upon the top peak, there was a beautiful display of crepuscular rays that slanted upward. The icy branches, shrubs and streams were shimmering like fireflies that emitted yellow dots in the darkness. The sun was shining with such lustre, albeit partially from behind the frosty breath which hung around his bright face and clouded his vision from viewing the crystalline beauty. Therefore, it was not blinding light that stirred the large wolf from his slumber, but instead nature’s breath blowing his fur into disarray. Indeed the air was cold, as winter still existed in the lands. The chill felt brittle against the revealed flesh in his parted pelt, as if solid, but breaking into sharp, penetrating shards as it collided with his skin. His idle eyelids strived to open, the faded aureate eyes within squinting until they adjusted to the newfound light. A yawn broke the silence around him and as he shut his dark maw with a click, he exited the small den; his steps were light as his paws treaded the frost and pillows of frozen softness that lay between himself. He shook out his rather warmly fur in an instant before he caught a glimpse of the vast landscape. The silhouette of the mountains was vaguely familiar to him. The black canine maneuvered his way through the snowy forest, his ebony ears swiveling atop his head and his nostrils flared, following the scent of the nearby water. A trail of faint paw prints followed behind him. Once he had slowed his pace, he stumbled slightly as the snow deepened beneath him. His lustrous eyes gently observed the scene around. “Hmm… This place looks sort of familiar to me as if it’s a place I’ve dreamed about it or déjà vu. I think I’ve been here before.” He talked to himself, in his usual placid tone.

Ace arrived at the bottom of the waterfall, his strong paws paddling in the fluid. He lowered his snout and opened his mouth to quench his own thirst. After he finished his drink, he shivered from the refreshing chill that the water sent through his body. He sat down by the water’s edge, looking over at the giant waterfall. The wind was still gusting and it was strong enough to carry the liquid spray over to the edge. The male wolf could see tiny iridescent drops that were gleaming in the sunset’s radiance. The whole colorful show was now noticeable and it remained motionless in the air like magic. Shortly afterwards, an indistinct rainbow was naturally formed over the waterfall. He couldn’t stop watching the natural phenomenon. It was stunning. Not far from the chute, there was a large den. It was well situated near the water. Ace’s nose had informed him that there was no one inside, so he was not very concerned. He moved furtively toward the entrance, staying close to the wall, his wispy tail arching over his spinal cord. He hoped that no one would see him from a distance.

Ducking beneath the ceiling of the crystal structure, Ace took a quick look around the cavern within before making his way to the frozen wall, the unseasoned pads that lined the bottoms of his onyx paws failing to create traction upon the ice that covered the ground. With a little effort, and some slipping, he settled upon a small section of the ice that was covered with the much preferred stability of snow. He turned around to face the icy mirror. The first thing that he saw was his old scar. He could see the terrible mark that was following to his upper shoulders. His tranquil eyes were now replaced by an inimical stare. Irritation was building in the pit of his stomach, as well as the slight gnawing of grief. His mind briefly recalled those times when he used to risk his life to defend his beloved mother and confront his belligerent father. Unfortunately, he wasn’t powerful enough to protect his mother and siblings – he was only four months old back then. Ace let out a prolonged sigh, not allowing rage to fill his eyes. Control yourself, now. He forced himself to stop thinking about the tragedy that had happened in his childhood. His golden gaze landed upon the bright entrance, contemplating what to do next. He had to do something in order to distract himself from thinking about his past.

Watching the rainbow again will maybe lighten his mood.