The Heartwood native flower
Private  January 08, 2018, 09:32 PM
Lone Wolves

in the west most corner of their quasi-claim Memdi, had made a most adventitious find. somehow, within the small -arguably paranoid- parameters outlined by her mother, the silvered wolf had happened upon the bones of a once garden.

neglected for at least a year and further damaged by the effects of the current season, it provided a shabby beginning stock. but, considering the tedious boredom that she faced otherwise Memdi, accepted the grindstone for what it was.

briskly, she used her mouth to pull and twist weeds from the earth. shoveling rocks with her front feet when she found them. it was the sort of toiling that caused hours to blur from morning to evening with little notice and, by the time she had the first twinklings of lavender night time were visible.

looking over her shoulder and back towards the den in the far distance she wondered only how long the secret garden would remain hers alone.