Stone Circle if only common sense were more common
January 10, 2018, 10:41 AM

Recent events had set the boy a bit on edge and Ezra was finding it difficult to get his racing mind to settle. He still feared for his sister and her injuries, even more so since the bison still grazed within their home. They wouldn’t recognize her would they? The boy felt his heart quicken with worry at the thought and he quickly scurried over to the field where the beasts grazed. He kept distance between himself and the bison, quietly watching as they drifted across the frozen pasture while remaining unaware of his lingering presence. 

He watched them for some time before turning away, no longer interested in observing them when he got nothing in return. The rho let out a huff, tail flicking anxiously as he began to aimlessly wander around the territory in search of something to entertain him. He needed a distraction.