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Private  January 11, 2018, 09:22 PM
set after this thread.. @Lyra
She had needed a little time.

She took the cold body of her newly dead daughter further into the mountain, off the borderlands, and away from any trace of a Redhawk's reeking trail. Every piece of that pulled and ached at her heart, so she had to get away, and had to clear her mind to regroup.

Something was wrong here and she had to piece through it. She took Galaxy's corpse to past a hidden grove, somewhere nearing a rocky swatch of mountain where she could.. focus. The others were left to see to that freshly injured yearling, and whatever other domino effect their actions would immediately have. Amekaze had seen it before, she'd be ready to see it again.

Now, later, she breathed deep. She peered down at her poor, fallen daughter sprawled prone upon the rock with a scrunch to her lips. The words from the encounter played over in her head. They killed her. A wolf didn't do it. There wasn't any blood. Some smell never before smelled.. She had to dissociate from the grief, keep it at bay.. and approach with a sound mind; she needed to understand why this light was snuffed from the world so soon. She refused to believe it would be a perfectly clean kill.

She took another deep breath and began to nose through her fur, searching down to the frigid flesh. First across the top of her forehead, then down her cheeks.. 

[Image: 5ifpFkc.png?1]
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