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All Welcome  January 11, 2018, 09:55 PM
Lone Wolves

Though there had been hints of singular wolves along her walk from the shore, she was amazed that it took her this long to find a pack.  It was wedged away in a corner blocking most of the only way out to the south, near as she could tell, and now Zenith stood before their borders, looking at the forest's sprawl.  Why hadn't anyone else settled in the regions she'd passed through?  It seemed like it'd be a fine place, even if if the earth was choked with snow.

What was she going to ask them?  She took a minute or two to compose her thoughts, then lifted her head to release a short and non-demanding howl to see if she could get an audience with... Someone.  She didn't want to waste the leadership's time if they were busy -- hopefully she'd made it clear that she wasn't here to join, at least.  All Zenith wanted was to get some more information about the region.  All this empty space was tempting.

She stood there waiting for someone to appear, ears pricked forward for any sound of an approach.
January 15, 2018, 03:49 PM

 the forest is quiet as ever - it worries him, slightly, but then again it's so cold, who wants to go cavorting? - still - maybe he needs to bring them together somehow. maybe it's weighing heavily on him because of sunflower's departure (though at least she'd said goodbye! jeez). he focuses on patrolling because it gives him something to do besides dwell -- or hover by burke's den, stealing glances from mato -- and so he's fairly close when the howl goes up. 

the tone of the howl doesn't seem particularly pressing, and intrigued, he makes his way over, ears and tail pricked up. "sup," the morwinyon greets the woman, his.. everything forever at odds with the general stateliness of his position, "this is tindómë. what brings you to our borders?"

January 16, 2018, 11:00 PM
Hope ya don't mind me jumping in, she just wants to observe.

Fallyn heard a howl travel through the tree's and to her ears, she follows the direction from which the sound had came from and it was already answered by one of her fellow pack mates. She sits down in plain veiw, not wanting to seem suspicious as she watches the encounter. The female was still trying to figure out what trade she wanted to pursue.
January 16, 2018, 11:48 PM
Lone Wolves

The wolf that first appeared was an interesting thing, smelling male but not really looking like the men she'd grown up around nor the ones she'd met so far along her travels.  Wolves came in all sorts, she supposed, and made a mental note that if she had the chance to people-watch, to take a bit more time to observe things with an unbiased eye to see what she'd missed.  But either way, from what she could tell, this was his pack, was it not? 

She does flick an ear at his greeting, though.  Definitely out of place from her perspective.  Comparatively, Zenith's words were probably about as full of fluff as she was herself, Greetings.  I'm Zenith Theyn.  She shifted into a bow, taking a half step back as she kept herself in a posture fitting her nonthreatening visitor status.  I've been questing for the proper territory in which to start a pack, should the fates allow, and the vast area north of you is rather tempting.  I was primarily wondering if there was anything about that region that would be worth knowing, as it does seem much more sparsely traveled than to the east, and near as I can tell, you're the only ones here. 

By now the other wolf appeared and sat down, dragging Zenith's eyes in that direction before her gaze slipped back to the first, I'd also be interested to hear if there's anything you'd be willing to share about yourselves.  After all, if I decide that this side of the mountains is the best to settle, I'd rather be a good neighbor.  Zenith ended with a smile and a second bow of her head.  She was curious whether the other wolf would be entering the conversation, but she'd sat far enough away that Zen thought it was improper to reintroduce herself without allowing the other to talk.