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Pack Basics

Name: Grimnismal
Ranks: Click here
Location: Ankyra Sound
Acronym: GRM
Founded: January 16, 2018
Pack Colours: #7F7C82 & #4b4147
Member Cap: 12 adults, 6 pups

Current Leaders

Wylla: Alpha (01/16/18 — present)
Lycaon: Beta (01/16/18 — present)

Past Leaders

Philosophy & Basis

A somewhat feral, basic and semi-familial pack with a hard outlook on outsiders, Grimnismal is presently a collection of potential troublemakers and misfits with no set lifestyle whose values include leadership, loyalty and protection of their realm. Members have some control over their rank ascension via completion of pack-specific quests, but activity and IC actions are also taken into consideration for deciding ranks. One of our quests definitely involves fighting a shark. This pack strictly enforces the "in character actions = in character consequences" protocol, especially for interlopers, wherein if characters are placed in dangerous situations, then they must embrace the realistic consequences of their actions. Trespassers are treated with outright aggression, and acceptance into the pack is often hard-won through means other than the declaration of skills. Grimnismal is greatly focused on IC development and IC initiatives, and encourages the use of dice rolls to randomize event outcomes.


Grimnismal's conception came from the reunion of three siblings on home soil: Wylla, Lycaon, and Ingram. The pack's nascent days were by and large spent simply recanvassing the area the trio were born—over time, they accumulated other companions and the pack was officiated.


Grimnismal occupies Ankyra Sound, a secluded, cheerless and storm-battered swath of beach shielded by impassable cliffs. The only direct route to the beach is through the equally well-claimed sequoia forest that sits behind the shore. There are several important internal territories in Ankyra, including a complex cave network called the Grotto. Ankyra's shore is heavily influenced by tide, with low tide revealing acres of rocky hunting grounds and high tide bringing the battering sea right to the Grotto's mouth.