Stone Circle Lollipop Lotus
All Welcome  January 20, 2018, 07:19 AM
Earlier that morning Birk had heard the noise made by several crows and having suspicions of what it could mean, followed the sound to investigate. Some distance away from the Easthollow borders laid the last remnants of someone else's kill. From the bare bones, the random slivers of fur and the eyeless and severly mauled head, he deduced that it must have been some kind of deer. 

The crows had not been happy about the appearance of another scavanger, the coyote that had been present there as well, but fled, once he saw the big wolf appear, growled and snarled at him. But Birk took no notice of that. He quickly went through of what was left to find, what would be useful to take back, and eventually settled for the head. Too big to fit in his jaws, but the one ear that was not yet torn off was useful to take the thing away.

Now in the safety of his new home, watched by few pairs of dark, black-bead-like eyes from above and a curious fox, which was not visible to him, but it's smell present in the vicinity, Birk gnawed on and ate, whatever was left of the head.