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January 22, 2018, 11:12 PM
Trade thread ~ for ranger or hunter (#1)

        Rumor had it there was a wolf wandering the valley that his new family did not particularly trust. Something about feathers. It was a bit nonsensical to Larus but, given he hadn't spent much time getting to know the Teekon Wilds despite being born and raised within, he supposed it did not matter. So he kept this in the back of his mind when he departed from Easthollow, heading due north with Valette's blessing.

        If he couldn't find out more about this possible threat then, well, he'd find something else to track. It had been about a week since Larus' inception to the pack of the standing stones and he was itching for a little adventure. Again he found himself thankful of Valette's leeway when it came to his roaming—he would come back, he'd vowed, every time. It was home now.

        Of course, due north meant he would eventually encounter the fringes of the forest that was once his old pack; one of them, anyway. He felt indifferent to the sight of it on the horizon now. He crept along through the thinner sections of forest and would pause frequently, tasting the air or listening intently, curious to know if anyone called the place home.

Yesterday, 09:04 AM
Usually, when everything was peaceful and not extraordinary in the pack-life, one should have felt happy and content. And for the most part Birk did not mind - he patrolled the borders during the night (half-heartedly though, but a promise to the alpha still was a promise) and hunted during dusk and dawn, slept his 8 - 10 hours of nap during the day. He was not deaf, of course, he had heard about a wolf that had attacked a member of the neighbouring pack and kept a keen lookout for it, but other than that... he was becoming bored.

The little affair with the unnamed girl had been a welcome change, but, once the magic was all gone, he had had no interest in remaining with her and it had seemed to her that she shared his views. Two strangers, who had happened to collide and then walk their ways. But - with a promise of an adventure or at least something interesting, he had followed Larus's pawprints all the way from Easthollow to the forest that lied North from it. Though the guy had not impressed him with a sense of humor the last time, he must have been up to something, when he left the pack's borders.

And Birk was very curious to find out, what the other man had in mind.