Witch's Marsh After the foxes have known our taste
All Welcome  January 22, 2018, 11:20 PM
Trade thread ~ for ranger or hunter (#2)

        Soon he was trailing through a half-frozen mess of slushing, foul earth. It wasn't entirely solid but it wasn't exactly a river or creek either; somewhere in the middle, then. The season had chilled everything so that it was a mess of muddy, icey terrain.

        Thankfully, Larus had grown in to his body by now. No longer was he the stout and chubby little boy who struggled to keep afloat in water; he was tall, broad-shouldered, a powerful mountain of a man like his father before him. He could traipse across the slick marshland without too much issue, and soon enough even the cold  of the winterscape was but a mild numbness on his extremeties.

        Here too, he would pause and investigate scents, sounds, and any indication of life. There was no way to tell scat apart from piles of mud — though he did manage to locate some disturbed soil; a wide patch within which something might've been dragged. It smelled like some sort of mustelid but it was also quite musty, a little foul. Something old had come through here.

        He was on the right track.