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All Welcome  February 07, 2018, 01:09 PM
Leader II
@Steph, Pema has permission to be in Easthollow and is not tresspassing.

It had been a day since Pema had come to Easthollow with news of Burr's disappearance and likely injuries. A few of the Easthollow members including Burr's parents had gone to follow his trail, trying to track down his where abouts and bring him home. Pema had ended up stay behind and informing the next in command of the current situation. She learned that many of the Easthollow members were in need of some medical attention due to the pack's lack of a healer.

Being a medic was something she knew she could do and so she set out to find any injured member of the pack and help them while she waited for Burr's search party to return.