Moonspear play for today
All Welcome  February 11, 2018, 10:56 AM
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Weather: 8°F, mostly cloudy until tomorrow morning.

Dune returned to Moonpear with a fat raccoon in his jaws, intending to add it to the pack's caches. Clouds hung overhead, and Dune paused at the border for a moment, dropping the coon and sniffing the scent markers. He scratched at the ground, adding his own smell to the mix, picked the raccoon back up, and continued in toward one of the caches he had been shown upon his arrival.

Once there, he began to dig through the loosely packed snow, clumps of it flying out behind him. He was about halfway through when he paused for a break, panting and sitting back, taking stock of his surroundings.
February 12, 2018, 06:21 PM
Hydra had enabled Dune to settle before seeking to see him again. Her tail waved when she spotted him in the distance, long-legged strides bringing her to close the distance between them swiftly. Her ears pricked as she noted the raccoon sitting beside him, and Hydra was glad to see him adding to the caches. Still, as he took a break from one activity, Hydra wondered if he would be receptive to a quick bout of tug-o-war. She slid her forelegs down easily, back arched and tail waving, and they slapped the earth heartily. Her head tilted as she let out a chuffing sound, knowing he'd show her whether or not he was game for a game.

I'll find that you'll find that I'm lethal
February 13, 2018, 02:38 PM
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The wolf who had more-or-less recruited him approached. He had at some point learned that her name was Hydra, and her two identical sisters were Alya and Lyra. Beyond spotting them and making brief introductions, he had not gotten to know the other two. Hydra, on the other hand, seemed to have quite the interest in him, especially right now as she goaded him into playing. Dune glanced at the half-finished hole, wondering if he should be the responsible type and keep going, but then he decided he could finish it later.

In one swift motion, Dune grabbed the limp raccoon, tossed it up into the air, and grabbed it before it fell back down to the earth. He dangled it just close enough to Hydra's face so it was within her reach, then pulled back abruptly, shaking the carcass from side-to-side. Come and get it!

They enjoyed a game of tug, playing with the carcass for some time before Dune eventually wrestled it back and placed it where he had planned to in the first place.