The Heartwood Stillness
All Welcome  February 11, 2018, 09:09 PM
Lone Wolves

Backdated a few days, not that it particularly matters to me at least. :P

The dead forest was even more of an empty void in the winter.  The trees were even less lively, saplings were barren twigs, easily toppled.  It wasn't fresh, that much was clear as Treason's nostrils flared.  There wasn't that acrid smokey smell, but more just damp and rot.  Fungi were probably eagerly awaiting more hospitable temperatures to eat the remaining trunks.  It was monochrome, essentially petrified, lost in time.

As far as she could tell, she was the only thing moving, and even that might be hard to spot -- she was the same colors of the snow-addled landscape, and under the noontime light the shadows were minimal.  She didn't have a particular destination in mind, but had been weaving her way across the lands for some time now.  She'd need a place to stop at some point, but figured this was probably not the place to do so.  Instead it was its own little mystery.  It was a tree's graveyard, Treason was just a passing ghost.
Yesterday, 02:11 PM
Lone Wolves

after the confusing encounter with the pretty wolf dame and her brother witchbaby cuts a path back west, thinking, man, all this runnin' around is starting to get pretty tiring. she'd never thought she'd see the day where she wants to pack up the ol' wanderers boots and find a place and settle, but then again she ain't thought she'd end up all alone like this. not that weetzie ain't fine company when they see each other, but she's a socialable girl and her rejection from that stuffy beach pack still stings a little. 

just a little. mostly she thinks there must be something wrong with the lot of them. 

wb's crossed the heartwood before, and just like before, it feels like a too-apt metaphor for the smoking remnants of her young heart, left so callously aside to rot. this time though her little friend ain't around to distract her -- no, instead there's another stranger nearby. curiously the coygirl draws close, feeling just a touch more prickly than usual and so lacking her normal exuberant charm and greeting. instead she makes a chuff hello, her face tilted curiously.

can't risk losing in love again babe