Neverwinter Forest Abyss league
All Welcome  February 11, 2018, 09:43 PM
Lone Wolves

Anyoneee!  But if they happen to be a likely NWF person eventually that might be cool. :P

At least here wasn't dead.  It was an ice cube, but still living.  Hibernating maybe to a certain point, which was probably a good idea this late in the afternoon.  Treason had been spending the last few hours wandering among the trees.  Beneath them, the snow wasn't so deep, and she could see the odd trail of things wandering on through.  It'd probably be an ok spot to stop for a while while she pondered her next move.  So far, she hadn't been particularly impressed with anywhere, but then again she also hadn't tried.  It was probably something she had to fix.

She came to a place where the canopy thinned and the snow was a fair bit deeper.  No problem.  She started across.  At least until the ground beneath her seemed to give way and her mostly white figure melted into the depths of the snow with a solid fwump.