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Lone Wolves

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He had run. Same as his sister, though that made it no less senseless for either of them. The longer the boy thought about it, the more he regretted it.
Cortland didn't regret his anger or his hurt at the revelation-- the one he still did not let linger too long in his mind. He didn't even touch upon the words directly now, focusing instead on his own foolishness in fleeing. That was easier. Time and travel and thought had made him realize he should have stayed, to get answers if nothing else. Now he didn't know where his mother and fa-- Casmir were, and he was alone.

The fact wasn't as devastating for him as he worried it may be for Mona. If either of them had possessed any sense, he thought, they'd have run off together at least. Then he would know for sure if his sister was okay... because really, Cortland had discovered quickly that solitude fit him well. He loved his family, and worried-- and certainly missed them at many points, but there was something intoxicating about being on the road on his own. The boy glanced up at the brightening sky, at the sun's lazy greeting to the world. He was hurt and confused right now, but as long as he had this, life was good.

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