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All Welcome  February 12, 2018, 09:36 PM
AW, in which phas notices HER BOYS ARE GONE!

it was a bonechilling wind that greeted her as she rose from the grotto, her expression dour as the bleak landscape. she could not find four members of her coveted frat pack -- lycaon, kierkegaard, arrille and ingram each seemed missing.

it did not take the sylph long to notice arrille's absence, for he had been a wolf of particular rituals and activity. he was not present by the pool -- nor were any of his scents particularly recent. more alarmingly moreover, was kierkegaard's departure -- she felt his absence keenly and grew somewhat agitated as arrille and kierkegaard's scents braided together before spanning out of the sound. lycaon and ingram's scents were easier to detect, but more troubling was the fact that they too quit the sound in tandem.

starting to feel like the frumpy secretary left out of an office party, caiaphas stormed darkly down the beach. she was restless as she scoured down the strand, mentally proposing a small headcount as she sussed out the whereabouts of her comrades.

WARNING! Caiaphas is NSF-PG13+.
February 14, 2018, 01:07 PM
She had an itch, and it drove her crazy. The niggle between her shoulder blades irritated her entirely, for it had roused in a place that she couldn't quite reach. Twisting awkwardly in attempt to reach the source of discomfort with her fangs proved useless and dropping to her haunches to claw with a rear paw didn't work, and so the golden Ostrega stalked the length of the beach as she grumbled inwardly in frustration.

When a stone managed to wedge itself between the pads of a forepaw, Nyx gritted and bared her teeth at her misfortune as she made to shake the object free. Glowering down at the sand beneath her with fierce yellow eyes, her sour expression softened as an idea sprung to mind. Without second thought, she dropped to the ground and flopped to her side, forcing herself onto her back so she could roll in the sand with a satisfied grunt - completely unaware of the masked coywolf who stormed in her direction.