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Blackfeather Woods
We’re back! One post per round, no posting order. Next round will begin on the 17th. This thread likely won’t be that long due to their obvious need to rest post-travel. @Vaati @Astrid @Potema @Aries @Relmyna @Rouge @Maevra @Koume @Iliksis @Ithrik @Shivali (Tagging for visibility, unless any of them are still hanging around (again—sorry for the tags, guys!): @Cicero @Euron @Maegi @Ramsay)

The journey was a long one, lengthened by paranoia and the phantom’s need to look; the absence of the children had not gone unnoticed, especially when they all gathered to travel, and he couldn’t hide his worrying over their safety. He wanted to search for them, or at least for the girl, but refrained from doing so—and would continue to, for as long as his conscience would allow. They were not his own, not even close, but the young Maegi had a fire in her that kept him interested. He wanted to help her through life, ensure that she could achieve all that she was meant to—and so, once the pack was nestled safely into the shadows of their home, he would search for her despite how low his chances of finding her truly were.

Their entry was a silent one, the songs of return prohibited from being sung; the enemy might still be lurking, it would be unwise to alert them. But he led them, still, deep into the forest and towards the Redgrove. It was there that he stopped, silently awaiting the gathering of those still breathing around him. And once there were there, he began.

“We were chased from our home, forced to live in an area where we were never meant to be.”—his voice was low but audible, coated in the wisdom of an aged mind—“But we will not allow that to happen again. Those of us that are still here, whose hearts still beat and long for vengeance—we will continue to grow.” He was not used to losing, to being evicted from his home. With those things came an awful feeling, one that he was loath to experience again. “We lost once, but we will never lose again. The next time an enemy comes into our land and disrespects us like that, we will kill them. But until that day, should it ever come, let us mourn those we’ve lost and begin rebuilding our home—all of us, together.”

In time, there would be some for him to approach, worthy wolves ready to be welcomed into the inner circle of the pack and join the Brotherhood. But for now, as he gazed at them all, he would allow them to rest—to regain their strengths and begin anew, to train so fiercely that they might never feel the bitter pain of defeat again.

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February 13, 2018, 12:13 PM
Blackfeather Woods
Without the pack, the Woods were quiet. Still and dark, with naught but the sound of ravens and the icy wind through the trees as a soundtrack. There were those here and there, who had remained--the mute priestess, Relmyna, and Abraxas--but all in all, it was like a morque, silent. Dead.

The sound of many pawsteps, then, was something that sounded in her ear like a trumpet, and when they had ceased, Maegi ceased her idle task--stuffing the moss she had continued to collect after Cicero and her brothers had left into a cache--and raced as fast as she could to the source of the noise, the pack-scent growing louder and louder in her nose until she burst onto the scene at the Redgrove.

Oh, they were back! Her heart thundered in her chest at the sight. Proud Vaati, beautiful Nyx. . .and her mentor, who was speaking to the wolves assembled. Suddenly shy, she hung back for a few seconds, but soon emerged from the shadows, ears flattened in wary apology.

She knew Vaati and Kove would be angry with her--though, she thought, not as angry as they would be with her father, taking Euron and Ramsay so far away. Maegi swallowed thickly, a wave of grief rolling over her for the thousandth time since they had left. How she wished her brothers were here with her for this reunion. Now the girl stood alone, and though she was surrounded by wolves that were fond of her--most of them, anyway--she felt bereft and powerless without her siblings at her side.
February 13, 2018, 03:02 PM
Blackfeather Woods
It seemed the shame of losing had not brought them down at all. Warriors, they had always been, but she had expected all their spirits to break. Instead, they were more motivated than ever to never let such it happen again. She smiled upon their arrival, breathing in the gloomy scent of the woods she grew up in. Perhaps this really was home. Silly of her to long for a life outside of the shadows, because this was definitely where she belonged. She was as much a part of the woods as the plants, the trees, the ravens.

Thank you for returning us safely, father. A ghostly smile settled upon her speckled face, eyes trailing all who were still with them. She was relieved to see Maegi had not gotten lost, killed or stolen. She had grown rather fond of the girl. Was this happiness?

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February 13, 2018, 03:16 PM
Blackfeather Woods
The Reaper felt a strong surge of relief when they came upon the shadowed Woods once more, appreciating the darkness that surrounded the group once they passed the bloody edges marking the domain of the Blackfeather wolves. The still silence was a comforting absence of sound as he followed Kove where he led them, large paws travelling quietly upon any of the snow that had managed to pass through the canopy above the creatures.

When the Listener halted, the group did too, and Aries lowered himself onto his haunches to listen to the speech that followed. His ashen ears cupped forward, iced orbs intentively trained on the pale figure as he continued to speak. The words held an air of wisdom that could only come from age and experience, for it was more than clear that this man was not a youth with little knowledge of the world. A voice spoke up after, somebody offering thanks, and the Svartell recognised the tone as Nyx, head turning slightly to gaze at her. Indeed, they had not spoken much - perhaps now they were home he could invite her to hunt with him again, for her presence was one of the very few she enjoyed. Maegi, too, made an appearance, and the boy sent her a nod as she emerged from the shadows with her ears pinned against her skull.

In his mind, he was preparing himself for vigorous training, a strong determination to prove himself a truly worthy fighter and opponent, a desire to show himself a reputable mercenary a nagging at the back of his head. Of course it could be his childhood-born arrogant wish for power, but in this time he did not care about that, only wishing to defend the Woods that he resided within.

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February 13, 2018, 04:07 PM
Blackfeather Woods
She had come with them back to their home, but she didn't know how long she'd be staying. After the humiliating defeat, the fondness that was never really there anyway had vanished for her peers, siblings and the woods itself. This was no place for her, that much was clear. The question that rang through her mind was if she should inform Vaati of her plans. She did not want them on her tail, after all, not even if they were so useless in battle.

After the speech had ended, she turned and went somewhere quiet - not saying a word.

February 16, 2018, 06:41 PM
Blackfeather Woods
She does not necessarily travel with the group. She keeps her distance and avoids talking to the others—switching to their tongue is not easy and she can’t find it in herself to stay near Kove—as she tries to mask any pain she feels. Distributing her weight evenly on all four paws is impossible as she favors one of her paws, with broken toe nails and dislocated bones. And walking on it, even after all this time, is not the easiest thing to disguise.

By the time they stop in their former home, she looks upon the border and how much has changed. She doesn’t linger on it, only coming to a stop when they are gathered and listened idly—and maybe comprehending—what her leader has to say.