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Lone Wolves

Winter had its charms, mostly in the form of weakened prey - where prey could be found, at least – and Nisus had to hope that, soon, he would find some. He was no stick figure of a man but months spent wandering had taken their toll. The sheen on his pelt was gone, leaving it flat where once there had been volume to excuse the overall fineness of it. His features were a little more pinched where once they’d been broad and noble.

Nisus wasn’t built for the coldest season. He had known that from the off, but it hadn’t been reason enough to stop him from striking out on his own. Well, striking out wasn’t entirely accurate; striking out implied a choice had been made. Another thing the male was keenly aware of was that he’d had no choice but to live this lonely life.

Still, he managed to pluck the shreds of good from all the negative. Maybe it was that stubborn optimism which had kept him going all this way. He told himself that stubbornness was more a way of life than anything he’d left behind.

The alders did their best to shroud the creek until Nisus was nearly upon it. Weaving through the trunks, the chocolate male spied water and almost rushed forward to greet it – almost. A bright, whiskery face at the water’s edge was enough to make him pause, tail stiffening in uncertainty. Nisus had never known an otter attack a wolf – but the otters he’d encountered had been many miles and moons away.

His ears flicked back as the rest of him moved forward.
February 14, 2018, 02:35 PM
Wild Fauna

Her mouth gaped in an unsightly yawn, her lips curled back, her incisors glistening in the light. A rumble came from her as she stretched, a satisfying sound that echoed over the land. As she stood up on her back paws, her eyes roamed lazily over the white landscape. Nothin'. Her mumble was followed by her large paws slapping into the snow, her thick fur floating as she came down. Lumbering through the trees, she heard water. She smacked her lips together, her mouth suddenly dry. As she poked her nose out of the woods, she saw a ragged looking wolf staring down an otter. Grinning, she laughed, the deepness of it almost like a growl. Deciding to have a little fun, she ran a few feet and growled, hoping to startle the intent wolf.
February 16, 2018, 11:10 AM
Lone Wolves

Patches of light and shadow passed over the dark male as he stalked toward the otter. The creature’s face had barely changed upon noticing the wolf – its whiskers had drawn back a little, its eyes were a litter wider, but other than that the otter seemed as bright-eyed and eager as it had when Nisus had first clapped eyes on it.

He didn’t anticipate an otter being an easy meal, particularly one so close to the water it excelled in, but Nisus was hungry and this might be an opportunity to get his jaws around a meal. If he was quick enough and willing to get at least a little wet. He almost shivered at the thought.

There was a growl so deep it could’ve rocked the earth itself and the wolf’s forward movement ended abruptly, his head swinging towards the far larger form of a bear. Not just a bear – a bear on the move towards him. Pale amber eyes widened a fraction.

“Ah, hell.”

His posture dropped, changing from intent on the chase and hopeful for a meal to reluctantly acknowledging the bear’s size and strength – and in the meantime the otter moved back toward the creek.
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Wild Fauna

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As the wolf's gaze shot to hers, she held back a grin as she watched his eyes, her paws pounding the earth towards him. The words he spoke were surprising. Not the reaction she was going for, but it amused the hell out of her. Drawing near, she slid to a stop, throwing wide arcs of snow everywhere. Standing up, she made herself look huge and roared at him, her eyes glinting with an unknown look. 
As she kept her stance, she let out a short burst of laughter. She kept quiet, holding it in, but seeing the look on his face, she grinned at him and laughed, her body sinking parallel to the ground. Nah, this isn't hell, but it's close enough. Were you thinking of eating that thing? You that hungry?
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Lone Wolves

It's fine! :)

She was all thick, shaggy fur and towering height so great that Nisus almost had to crane his neck to meet her dark eyes – and she hadn’t stopped thundering toward him.

The lone male’s life might’ve flashed before his eyes if he wasn’t so very intent on forgetting most of it. His reaction – staying stock still without retreat and muttering a curse – might not have been the most appropriate for the situation. Most wolves would have considered turning tail and fleeing as fast as their paws could carry them. But Nisus, at this point, had little to lose.

She came to a skidding halt, throwing up a crescent of glittering snow where her claws – such thick and deadly claws – dug into the snow. And then she laughed, a surprisingly bubbly sound from one who could compel Nisus to freeze in place.

The bear spoke and for a moment Nisus simply stared. Then, slowly, a smile crept across his thick muzzle.

“Pretty hungry,” he confessed, ears flattening. “Hungry enough to stand and watch a bear charge at me instead of legging it, anyway.” His smile was grim, but there was mirth in his pale amber eyes. He must've looked a picture.
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Wild Fauna

The wolf's frozen state made the bearsb grin wider as she spoke. This one had balls. Not many had tried this tactic before, and it somehow made her admire this almost gaunt looking wolf. As she settled in her relaxed state, she quirked an eyebrow at the silence. Was he going to take off now? That would be one hell of a late reaction. 
But as the thought crossed her mind, a grin appeared on the man's face, making her eyes twinkle as he spoke. At his last sentence, she burst out in laughter. It was a pretty ballsy move, if I do say so myself, wolf. By the way, what's your name? As she spoke, she shook herself again, the remainder of the snow flying off of her coat. I have a partial dead deer from yesterday if that would satisfy your hunger. Hers was satisfied yesterday, so why waste good meat? She waited for his answer, thinking that if he refused, he would be stupid. It's free food, right?