Deepwood Weald I am a lost boy in Neverland
All Welcome  February 13, 2018, 11:50 AM
Wild Fauna

As the sun rose over the horizon, Sprig stepped into the weald. His eyes grew in awe, and a grin fell on his face as he looked around. It was beautiful. The sunlight through the trees bounced around and made them almost shimmer. Wagging his tail, he walked further in, a sense of quiet filling him. His ears perked at every little sound, and he turned his head in every direction, as if trying to soak every little bit of this place's beauty in.
Trotting now, a light laugh escaped his muzzle as his eyes lit up in pure wonder. Why had he never seen a place like this? He could spend an eternity here. Then he suddenly stopped, realizing the eerie stillness that was present. On alert, he looked around slowly and saw the weald in a different light.
The trees looked like bones sticking into the sunlight, a never-ending expanse of them. Once beautiful, the sunlight created a haze, making everything look the same. The occasional call of a bird,once a lullaby, now mocked him as he spun around. Which way did he come from? His eyes darted as his face filled with trepidation and determination. He was lost, but he could find his way out...right?
February 15, 2018, 01:45 AM
She'd told Dakini that many of their findings came from the sea herself, but truthfully, Rosalyn was fond of striking inland as well.  Her penchant for wandering had gotten her into trouble in the past, but at this juncture, she thought of it as strengthening the crew.  A recruitment foray, even if the pickings had been slim thus far.  Yet this little forest seemed spooky enough.  Maybe she'd find a rough enough sot somewhere within its depths.

Instead, what she spotted was the exact opposite.  At first she thought it was some sort of oddly colored prey, and her eyes narrowed as she ducked down, attempting to escape notice.  It didn't take her but a moment to clarify that it was more canine than not; but not a wolf.  Still predatory, she inched forward, unsure what exactly it was she was looking at.
February 15, 2018, 08:49 AM
Wild Fauna

He trotted through these strange woods, his eyes sharp for any way out. It had become more of a beautiful prison as he had continued. Every turn there was beauty, but now clue as if it were the way out or not. He stopped and tilted his head every once in a while, trying to hear every sound. 
Wondering what his mother would say, he huffed. She would say that he was better than getting lost in these woods. He cringed at what she would think right now. The feeling of longing for her right now was strong, but his face became determined as he continued, unaware of the wolfess.