Blackfeather Woods Following the Trail
February 13, 2018, 04:14 PM
Backdated to Jan 31ish, before Blackfeather Woods pack's return. I have recieved permission from @Vaati to allow Howl and the party to enter BFW without the tresspasser penalty. Not sure who is all coming but I will tag all involved just in case: @Valette @Mawk @Illecebra @Dauntless. Wanted to put this thread up before BFW got back and the timeline got too chaotic. No rush to reply till the first Burr thread is finished.

He had followed the trail all the way out of the rising sun valley, over the sunspire mountains and down into the kintla flatlands. With the groups haste in finding where Burr had been killed and following the trail it had stayed fresh the whole way. Whoever had done this had had a head start and they didn't run into them while on thier trip. But they had needed to travel all the way here dragging a dead body and so the trail kept fresh. 

Even though the pile of intestines left at duck lake was clear evidence that Burr was no longer living that didn't stop Howl from wanting to know who would have done such a thing. He had lost his own children and knew how much Illecebra had been through with her other children. He wasn't completely sure why, but he was driven to find out where this wolf had gone and see them with his own eyes. 

Such an event would likely not happen, but that was the hope. Howl approached the border or a pack, the markings were very faded, as though they had left. The scent of not one pack but two was in the air and Howl remembered members of Easthollow taking about a war involving this pack and others. He wasn't sure who had won, but the pack was definatly less present.

Old blood stained the snow around the border, a decorative choice of the BFW pack, which spoke to what they were like and willing to do.  He turned to those who had been willing to follow his to gage their responce before continuing.

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February 14, 2018, 08:15 AM
She'd had some hope that their son was still Alive but was enraged that someone had hurt him. The anger kept her warm and going strong, keeping up with Mawk who she walked beside occasionally nudging him with her nose. She wouldn't let her hope be ruined, Everything would be alright... wouldn't it?

Unfortunately for Cebra that hope was short-lived as they reached Duck Lake. The intestines that lay there broke her instantly, reeking of Burr's blood and so obviously marking what must have been his death. There wasn't any hope. They'd been much too late to save their son. A surge of grief had made her lift her muzzle to the air and release a howl of agony, eyes squeezed shut and nostrils flaring against the stench of Burr's innards. When she couldn't muster the energy to scream anymore, she lowered her head and puked. Her whole body quaking, she had stood up again with dead eyes and continued onward with the group, her only focus on seeing where her boy's body had been dragged to. 

They followed the trail to a familiar place, instantly bringing a surge of rage through her. She turned to face Valette "I want vengeance on this pack. This is twice that they've brought me and Mawk grief. They damaged Cyron and killed Burr." her voice trembled and there was a fire in her eyes that spoke of madness. It was entirely possible that when she was calmed down and right of mind she'd choose to focus on caring for her remaining family instead of seeking out vengeance on a whole pack, but right now all she wanted was their blood on her paws.
February 14, 2018, 03:07 PM
Since the horrific sight, the pile of innards all bloodied and marking Burr's death, Mawk had fallen into a silent mask of coldness. The bitter taste burned at his tongue and puddled into a pit in his stomach, mind clouded and hazy. It was as if an arrow had struck his chest, piercing his heart and he was not sure how to cover the hole that endlessly bled. The grief had hit him hard, and words escaped him the moment his gaze had set upon the scene. Since then, he had not uttered a sound. Not even when Illecebra gently nudged his shoulder with her nose as a gesture of comfort - there was guilt, too, for he longed desperately to nuzzle into his mate's neck but found himself unable to.

The group were following the trail, and the man's body became even more tense than it had previously been when he started to recognise this land and the scents of blood that surrounded it. Blackfeather fuckers. Immediately a dangerous glint sparked in his fiery eyes, a longing to seek revenge on the damned night wolves who had taken so much from his family - he knew, he knew that revenge did not solve anything, this conflict was sure to only bring pain, but his loyalty was cursing him for not acting upon the Blackfeather wolves the moment they had stolen his other son.

It took a moment for him to recollect his thoughts, a sharp twinge of anger, of pain and guilt filling his chest and causing his eyes to momentarily close to wallow in the darkness. Mawk had to remain calm. When Illecebra spoke, his gaze snapped to the other wolves and his curled tail lashed as best it could. At last, for the first time since the knowledge of his boy's death, the man's jaws opened to allow words to pass, though these words were spoken quietly. "We must be patient. We cannot rush into violence. We do not want to cause more harm to our family and become a main target."

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