Dragoncrest Cliffs Fire in your new shoes
May 11, 2018, 11:09 AM

it doesn't really occur to her that the question is invasive (though if mother had decided to go into detail, that would have been a whole 'nother story), and she accepted the answer at face value. blix hasn't thought about -- well she didn't even know what it was until just now, but still -- huh. something new to consider. a new angle to ponder re: her relationship with furi. would furi ever want to..? huh. interesting.

"thank you," she says absently, her eyes glazed over in thought. wherever her mind is, it's clearly left this conversation for bigger and brighter pastures. after a beat she snaps back to attention as if just realising mother is still there, looking slightly guilty. "uh, that's all my questions," the redhead says sheepishly, lightly scratching the ground with one paw in idle gesture, suddenly very fidgety. another beat and she blurts, "i gotta, uh, there's, patrol," the words fumbling in her haste to escape so she can, uh, spend some time with her thoughts. privately. (if this were a cartoon, there would be a comically large cloud of smoke shaped like blixen in the place where she once stood.)

no room for you on the right side