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Private  March 09, 2018, 11:43 PM

        on any certain day it was to be Lycaon avoiding social obligations. however, for the past few days, he'd been seeing less and less of his brother and was growing concerned over the boy's morose, stricken demeanor on the few occasions he did. as frustrated he was, still--a receptacle for unexpirable grudges--for Ingram's recent foray into affairs of the heart, fearing that perhaps the boy was concealing an infection from the lacerations raking his leg, Lycaon was not game for withholding diligence a minute longer. 
        "ingle!" he yawped, roaming up the coast at a dogtrot with eyes peeled for his boon companion. what if he'd gone and died? how would he break the news to Wylla? she would definitely chum the waters with his guts if he brought tidings of their dearest bruuvers passing. ahhhhhhhh madre mia. "INGRAM!!!" 

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43 minutes ago
luckily for lycaon, ingram wasn't dead yet -- at least not physically. maybe a little bit on the inside, like a smidgen -- ever since chusi had set her sails and departed for better, less frothy shores. the days following had left ingram dejected and more pathetic than his squishy-self normally was -- at this point, he was on a tachyon-after-lusca-rejection level of PERSONAL SADNESS.

a little dramatic, but if his haunches were hurting him, his feelings were smarting much more. he hadn't deliberately put distance between wylla and lycaon, it had just happened that way -- in a way that was wildly and disproportionately convenient for ingram, since he didn't want them to see him in his mopey state and ruthlessly hold it over his head. he had already had enough torment when his paramour had been rudely ejected from grimnismal with the prompt, hawkish attention a child would give a lego.

lycaon's calls did not rally his spirits and he tried to shuffle into a lope, his ears pinned as lycaon caught up to him. it was too much exercise for the fattest of the luschyon brood to do anyway, and he plopped into the ground with heavy breaths. "What!?"