Wapun Meadow all these lines across my face tell the story of who i am
All Welcome  March 12, 2018, 10:10 PM
Bearclaw Valley

the days continued to grow warmer, and with it the woman with no name had become braver.  

she often strayed both inside and out of the valley now, emboldened by her mate with the former and her packmates and the breaching spring with the latter.  

she was fat.  the children she carried were growing at an exceptional rate and she was eating to accommodate them.  the vomiting had ceased but in its place was a ravenous hunger.

after eating her fill from the cache, she strode into wapun, her nose high in the air.  a gentle breeze rippled over the meadow, the sun bright and warm against her fur.

it was a good day for a walk.

March 14, 2018, 11:19 AM
At first he didn’t see her, and then he did. He recognized her from the time his mother had brought him and Clary to meet their uncle, only this time she was fat, smelt different, and had that thing on her neck. He felt a tingle run along the nape of his neck when he spotted the collar, but more than that he felt the sudden desire to investigate the thing. If Steph hadn’t been the only one to get that, Ezra had to wonder how many others there were. 

He let out a whine to try and catch her attention (had she not already noticed him) before taking a few nervous steps forward, tail swinging bashfully at his heels. He was oblivious about the way pregnancy worked, but if one thing was clear, it was that his instincts were kicking in and that whatever hormones she had raging on inside her body were having a very visible effect on the boy. He felt the extra need to be cautious around her, not because he was afraid, but because some program hardwired into his being told him to be careful around her. It was strange and rather confusing to him, but he didn’t question it and continued to take small steps in her direction, eyes flickering between her stomach and collar.
March 16, 2018, 03:45 PM
Bearclaw Valley

she saw him before he saw her, it seemed.  she tensed at first, alarmed by his sudden proximity.  i'm pregnant, was the first thought that plagued her.  she knew that if it was
THE DARK MAN he would have spilled the contents of her womb with his fangs.

but it was not.  she was still on alert, but as the boy drew nearer she could see that he was young, and likely just curious.  but who knew, when individuals were so close to dispersal age?

she lets out a cautious chuff, inviting his presence, taking a step or two forward.