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The ex-soldier wandered outside the Vale with few intentions for the night. Something unpleasant and wild had taken root in his chest; it writhed and panted like a dying animal, but the death throes had no end. It crossed his mind to seek Mona-- many times, in fact, but Nathaniel pushed it aside each time. He knew well that his moodiness had a strong chance of persisting even in the presence of his firebird. The risk was, he decided, too much.
The night was clear, almost enjoyable if Nathaniel tried to ignore his sour mood. He half-heartedly tracked the scent of a fox, perhaps too faint to be worth anything but it was better than doing nothing. Briefly his thoughts flitted to the King Elk Forest, to Burke's grave. Then to Sebastian.
He would leave soon to find him-- he would gather up his firebird and talk to Delight and surely find his brother soon enough, and then... then, he didn't know. The ex-soldier wasn't sure if Mona was attached to Tindómë or anyone in it, but he wasn't, and he wouldn't mind if they didn't return. But if his firebird wanted to stay... well, they would be staying. That was quickly becoming the way things went, and Nat didn't mind as much as he should have.
Nathaniel paused a moment in his almost mindless trek to survey the surrounding area. It crossed his mind that he had put little thought towards his own family lately. His jaw tightened. Perhaps that was for the better. Cerulean gaze turning towards the black-caped sky, the ex-soldier suddenly regretted not looking for Mona.

--in war, victory; in peace, vigilance; in death, sacrifice

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Redhawk Caldera
Sebastian was still looking for Andalusia. Now he was just backpaddling without getting too close to Blackfeather. He had found a pluck of her hair and a dead coyote. Though the male couldn't tell what killed him as he was eaten from by several animals. Maybe the dead coyote had nothing to do with Andalusia at all.

Sebastian limped further, wandered further onto the plains. He was pretty sure they hadn't been here. But his thoughts had brought him here. Maybe he should visit his sister Aviana. He still needed to let her know that he was alive after the war, and seeing that it had taken a month to get back from Blackfeather to his home that had not been a good sign.

Sebastian limped further, the gash on his shoulder was hurting hence why he continued on three legs. It was rather exhausting. Perhaps he shouldn't travel all the way to morning side. He stood there doubting if he should return home or not.