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June 11, 2018, 11:59 PM
With Gannet and Jarilo prefacing her intentions, Ame gave them both once last short nod before she let the girl explain more. A name, a reason, and the dark alpha had the beginnings of an impression. "Likewise," she returned with a thoughtful look over her--wondering how exactly the boys had come upon her, but sure Jarilo would gladly prattle about it later on. She didn't need to waste their time with that now, though. Ame nodded her head then swung her snout back in the direction from which she had come in a wordless gesture, let's go. They seemed comfortable with her (as well as had her outnumbered) and so, Ame could at least stand to have her any closer to the mountain while she saw if she may stand a chance with them.

Her son picked up on what she was doing and trotted along towards their home in a heading on the best route. This let Ame focus more on their new acquaintance, who appeared quite upbeat so far. "Why Moonspear?" she asked, eyes narrowing for a beat. There could be many reasons, she'd heard so very many. With Gannet and Jarilo it made even more sense, but of all the places she could pledge to, why the heights she reigned. "Our home is open if can find yourself loyal to us and our mountain," she said, extending the offer a bit more formally through time. If she wanted it, and if she remained dauntless, Ame may let her have a go.
i'm gonna write jarilo into her posts too so he can also be skipped

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