Bearclaw Valley a thing can be true and still be desperate folly
All Welcome  April 05, 2018, 10:43 PM
Bearclaw Valley
The dark crow picked his way across a foggy valley in search of the cache he had started to feed with small rodents. In his narrow muzzle was a fat vole, clasped lightly between the sharp point of his fangs, but just enough so that it would not fall from his hold. Tadec had hoped that he would find Indra hustling about, but his Frith-touched friend had seemed in a state of busy movement since his arrival. Though he was not aware that her sister was carrying pups, he assumed that her work was important within the pack, and so he did not seek her specifically. Instead, he made to busy himself with what he could, and since the large white Alpha had threatened his life if he found the crow stealing anything, Tadec had set himself to hunting the smaller game in their territory and the surrounding lands. As his broomstick limbs carried him closer to his cache, the halfling picked up his pace and trotted across the stretch of flat earth.

all the world will be your enemy, Prince of a Thousand Enemies. 
and when they catch you, they will kill you. but first they must catch you; 
digger, listener, runner, Prince with the swift warning. 
be cunning, and full of tricks, and your people will never be destroyed.