Ocean's Breath Plateau now you have is time, walking down the slide
April 07, 2018, 09:54 PM

sandpiper proudly hoisted the fruits of her efforts back to stavanger -- only, stavanger was many miles away, and her prize most burdensome. she had come across it just at the cusp of the plateau, an entire deer that had fallen to its death. it was a miraculous find -- she had eaten her fill and dragged its corpse several miles before exhaustion crept in. the girl considered parceling it and caching its body somewhere -- but did not, for she was afraid something would come along and take her lucky find from her.
April 18, 2018, 06:37 AM
Lone Wolves

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He had peeled away from Screech to scout the outer territories of the Plateau, for if they were to settle there it had to at least be surrounded by equally acceptable places. Thankfully, it seemed like this was so — except for a single murky bog in the north. Redshank had skirted the marshlands in favour of weaving through a much more pleasant forest, before finally coming upon a vast plain that rose steeply into a barren highland. The cool ocean wind tugged at his unruly fur as he prowled through the tall grass, none too fond of the way it bit into his sensitive skin, before he suddenly spotted a lone figure ahead.

What really caught his attention, though, was what the figure was heaving along.

How exactly she had caught a fully grown deer was a mystery. Redshank paused, sizing her up. She had a small, unimpressive stature but made up for it with a coat of blazing reds and siennas. The fact that he was related to the stranger was lost on the estranged Cairn, and he strode forward with a cocksure smirk. "Impressive," he commented with a flash of teeth, keeping at a reasonable distance but there was no denying the hungry glint in his eye.