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All Welcome  April 08, 2018, 09:23 AM
Ravensblood Forest

set before the move, @Samaantine

unease lingers in the air with the booming presence of coastal wolves and their continued low numbers. there'll be mouths to feed soon, something samothes is not particularly pleased about (he is not, shall we say, the biggest fan of children). but he has to admit he is of stronger messeda genes than once thought, or at least, not quite the opportunist he'd made himself out to be. he won't leave ravensblood. he finds himself still loyal to constantine and, even, to @Thelxiope, spending most of his time by her side.

he does have other duties to attend to as well. the council member sighs as he makes his way through the forest, trailing samaantine's scent as he goes. she didn't die after all, good on her. he has not neglected her though his attentions to her injuries are significantly less personal than with, say, his sea sylph. samaantine messeda is of perfectly strong stock and he has no doubts her recovery will be perfectly fine as a result. 

still, doesn't hurt to check in once in a while, mostly to make sure she's keeping up her end of the deal.