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All Welcome  April 13, 2018, 07:10 PM
Lone Wolves

        It felt like he hadn't slept in a few days, but he had been climbing for hours every day, so maybe that was it. He knew that finding a route down the mountain would be in his best interest, so that was what Larus hoped to do - and maybe why he was drawn towards the irregular black shadow of a cave mouth pitting a segment of irregular stone. He hastened inside, only to find it a tight squeeze. After some struggle he came out the other side of the corridor and was faced with a massive cave, one that likely  had an easier opening that he had just... y'know... Failed to find. The young man huffed softly as he observed everything, and was taken a bit by surprise when he saw the ceiling of the cavern had, at some point, caved in. The light shone down in large shafts and the dust motes drifted lazily; it was beautiful. As Larus tread through the sunlight he felt a bit more refreshed; the stone beneath his paws was warm, it was like finding a little oasis. He crept to the edge of that opening to observe some of the tiny plants - they were thriving, dressed with tiny buds of color.