Chimera Fields Tweet Tweet!!!
April 14, 2018, 02:42 AM
Wild Fauna

Itsy had seen many things since her arrival to these lands again. A friendly bear, a couple of lone wild dogs that looked familiar to those that served the hairless beings, and a wolf that almost made a meal out of her. She had experienced much excitement since coming back...and she was due for more.

Yesterday, 07:11 AM
Lone Wolves

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She ranged ahead of her companion, though Daggerjaw's scent had been committed to memory; she would always find her way back to her fellow coywolf friend no matter how far she strayed. For the time being, however, Knife-Ear explored these uncharted lands on her lonesome. There was no real purpose to her wandering and so her path was aimless. Lackadaisical.

When she found herself in a field of vividly contrasting sides, she chose the flowery half (wondering what on earth had happened to the other) and began scent-rolling upon the soft, loamy earth, releasing quiet, happy growls as she did so.