Emberwood spider and gioma had a love few others had seen,
All Welcome  April 14, 2018, 07:00 PM
Lone Wolves

@Constantine @Durnehviir - all else welcome too - set for ... um.. how long does it take to travel from AS to here? i'll let you guys be the judge kek - PPS, i have permission to have him track wylla's scent

he was exhausted as he followed wylla's scent and it at last panned into a aspen studded bosk. the forest seemed muted, and he thought it a sharp contrast from the stately sequoias of his home. only it wasn't home anymore, he reminded himself sharply. no -- it was something else.

as he threaded his way across the pine-straw and snow, he thought he detected the scent of other wolves passing through. whether they came before her, or after her, or even accompanied her, he didn't know -- and with his heart in his throat he barked her name repeatedly into the woods, his ears strained as his calls came bounding back in quiet fades.