Stavanger Bay Why learn algebra? Finding X is only useful, if you are a pirate
All Welcome  April 15, 2018, 12:49 PM
The beach had been fairly empty as of late and this did not stick well with Hex, who had got used to the daily scavenging parties that sometimes extended to late in midnight. More often than not the trash she overturned and skimmed through was of little value, but still a little morsel of food was always better than finding nothing at all.

Like now. Nothing.

There were some odd pieces of driftwood and meagre sea-weeds scattered in the sand, but nothing of particular interest for the scavenging junkie, who got more and more frustrated with every passing day. The idea that she should adapt and change her ways was repelling and she was more willing to give 100th second chance to an almost lost cause than try something new.

And today she finally found that "X" on the map in a form of an oddly shaped block of ice. It would not have been of any interest to the dappled wolf, had not it encased a whole animal inside. The tail was the only body part that was free and, when it was clear that after some hefty tugs, the body was not going to free itself from it's icy trap, Hex sat down and scrutinized the object with such intensity as if wishing to melt it.