Gilded Bay In Rainbows
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Lone Wolves

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Without the wind to brush it aside or the sun to burn it off, the mist hung heavily over the bay, obscuring much from view and creating an eerily isolating feeling as Sheol walked along the shore. It was almost as though he was in purgatory, wandering endlessly through a landscape which had no end in sight through the mist; he could see no landmarks, nor could he see far out into the ocean. The grey, foggy morning was exactly what he liked. 

Finally, he saw something in the distance- a few boulders that at first, from a distance, resembled the shape of a bear. He was intrigued by this, and his eyes glittered in the pale light; this was the perfect place for him. Suffocated by the closeness of the mist and with his senses teased away by the smell of salt and the thickness of the fog, Sheol felt truly at home. 

He rounded the boulders and found a flat rock just on the other side of the bear-like structure. He hated getting sand in his fur, so this couldn’t have pleased him more. Slightly aroused by his good fortune, Sheol lay down upon the boulder- a blanket of white that could have easily been a spotless snowbank upon the rock- and lay in wait.
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        the coast beckoned, and this time mona did not hesitate to answer.
        hers was a long travel, and during that time she considered herself and nathaniel, the girl indra, the nightpriest tadec. and when she arrived, mona mayfair had come to several conclusions, none of which she wanted to ponder or share. even with her eagle. her willowy limbs carried her toward the vague ursine shape in the distance; the sands here were unfamilar. mona thought of the sharp-featured woman in the field who had told her what she recalled of lasher, and how welcoming still her voice had been in its missive.
        here there was nothing; it was a beautifully desolate place. brine knifed her nostrils, sending her eyes watering, and mona ducked away with a little cry toward the boulders. sniffling indignantly, the mayfair caught scent of wolves, and paused. how had they come to be so far — she set off to find the source of the odd tang on the air, but saw nothing aside from an odd patch of snow.

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Lone Wolves

Patience was something Sheol had in excess; he knew eventually someone would come along, and with this bear shaped boulder and the mist, the opportunity to play a trick was irresistable. His father might have frowned upon such frivolity- their talents were to be used for manipulation, not mischeif; but Sheol had never been as serious as his father. 

And there was his victim; Sheol peeked around the very edge of the boulders every now and again and finally caught sight of a wolf approaching. There was something hesitant in her body language, so he felt confident he could fool her.

From deep down within his chest came a rumble that was definitely not canine; Sheol and his father had tracked bears in order for him to learn how to imitate them. There was a deep, open throatedness about the way they vocalized that he’d found difficult as a teenager, but now that his voice had dropped, he could imitate a bear with relative ease. He pushed his breath into a whuffing, grunting warning- and though the boulders did nothing to present themselves as a bear, the mist swirled and danced with his breath, which weaved about the stones and toward the female.