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Note: Set at the base of the mountain.
In Rannoch's food-driven crusade, he had traveled through the passageway that Wraen had discovered and further into the Sunspire mountain range. He had never ventured this far east, and he was pleasantly surprised by what he found. A lush meadow laid at the foot of Sunspire, and although the smell of game was not potent, there were lingering scents that indicated to him that prey occupied this territory. 

As Rannoch stood of his claim and observed the vacant plains, he smiled to himself— he was satisfied with his discovery. 

A thick blanket of fog covered the snow-covered meadow and disoriented whatever lingered in the distance. Rannoch knew that the mist was known to mislead, so he did not trust what he saw outright. Instead, Rannoch took a moment to explore the scent profiles of the territory more-in-depth before he decided to embark farther into the unknown.

that far away prize, a world of success 
its waiting for me if i heed the call 
i won't settle down, won't settle for less
as long as there's a chance that i can have it all
April 16, 2018, 08:11 PM
Lone Wolves

Having been reunited once more, Shrike had hardly left Allure’s side. Where one went, the other followed- and even if she wasn’t aware of it, Shrike had gotten into the habit of tracking Allure when she did go out on her own, just so that he was never more than a few heartbeats behind. He would not lose her again.

The two had wandered, giving some thought to joining a pack or at times tossing out the mention of creating their own- but no solid steps were taken in any direction, at least, not as far as Shrike knew. He’d scouted out several packs in the valley when he’d been with the Caldera- but none of them had appealed to him and Allure both. And he’d made it clear that this time, the decision was hers.

He sneezed gently when they came to a meadow overlooked by a mountain. Something in the air had tickled his nose, and pausing, he sneezed again. ”Guh. S’cuse me,” He said sheepishly, shaking his head. The field was very foggy, and he couldn’t see very far- nor could he smell, given that something had tickled his nose so much. He paused once more, firmly planting all four feet and chuffing a soft ”Sorry-“ before he sneezed again, three times, in rapid succession. Once finished, he shook his head again. ”Dust for brains.” He said, with a crooked grin, before he froze; someone else was nearby, he could smell them now- he searched the foggy field, but couldn’t see anyone just yet. He turned his gaze to Allure, ready to either investigate or avoid.

And that first kiss coming, let's just freeze the frame
Your eyes were closing, as mine were opening