Ankyra Sound oh no, sells to a lie
Pack Activity  April 16, 2018, 12:03 PM
um. hi. if anyone wants to challenge her for IC leadership this'll be where to do it!

there were many things caiaphas could have predicted -- but wylla leaving was not one of them. as she paced back to the den, wrapping the squalling children in her arms, she thought back on what had just transpired: kierkegaard's alleged treachery, wylla's stormy departure -- it was not until the next morning, when she had yet to return (and ingram gone after her) that caiaphas recognized it for what it was.

once more the siren queen was thrust into the unlikely role of leadership, though this time, she had not reached for it. with a sigh the wretch left her slumbering children and emerged from the cavern, her thin head slung back as a howl trickled out into the sound. there was new leadership here now, and she welcomed any challengers to come and take try their mettle.

WARNING! Caiaphas is rated R+.