Sleeping Dragon Crackjaw
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Lone Wolves

Sleeping Dragon had been easier to find than Phoenix had anticipated. He knew almost immediately where he was by the warmth he felt in the ground and the sulfurous smell the smoking mountain maintained, but he wasn't as inclined to ascend as he thought he might be when reaching it. Instead, he lingered at the mountain's base, strolling about its skirts with a tender nose and a fixed grimace. How had wolves ever lived here -- with that smell? With that taste? He couldn't fathom it.

Briefly, he turned his copper eyes on the bruised-orange glow of the afternoon sky. It would be late soon, and colder still; he needed to find shelter. Far away from here, if he could help it.  

April 16, 2018, 03:45 PM
Bracken Sanctuary
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The young Governor was hesitant to return to his pack just yet, though he knew he was close. He was not eager to bring news of Lennon's continued absence-- how would he tell Korei that the man was never coming back?
In his conflict, Alarian wandered close to the base of an ominous mountain like none he had seen. The air burned his nose, but he pushed forward, curious now and eager for a distraction. The scent was so thick he didn't notice the other wolf-- and Ali had always been an oblivious boy. Even when he had moved so each was in the other's line of sight, he remained ignorant to the presence. His eyes were trained on the mountain.
After a few beats, his eyes began to water, and suddenly he was sneezing violently. The movement jerked his head slightly, and the force of the sneezes caused an immediate headache. Half a dozen escaped him in succession before he could stop. By then, his nose was running and his eyes were streaming. Ali tilted his head down, muzzle nearly touching the ground, and began furiously rubbing his forelegs against his face. He was still quite oblivious to the other wolf-- perhaps that was best.

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April 17, 2018, 11:02 AM
Lone Wolves

Phoenix slowed as another wolf materialized in his sights. It was a slight-looking thing, when compared to himself, with a slim, lissome frame that was neither distinctly masculine or feminine at his distance. His muzzle wrinkled, trying to discern any information he could of the stranger through scent, but found his sense of smell hampered by the smoking mountain. He knew he needed to get closer, so he padded forward to investigate without much apprehension.

Before he'd come near enough to announce himself, the unknown wolf was suddenly overcome by an allergic fit, sneezing until his nose felt like it had expelled the irritant. The red-earred yearling hung back a moment, posed with a single forepaw dangling, before deciding to announce himself. "You got some brain on that rock there," Phoenix teased flatly, motioning towards some snot-covered pebbles at the wolf's feet. "You alright?"